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Finding the Fragments
High Consul Herleagis says, "You have been successful in your task. You have done your job well. You are truly above what I expect from most of the people here. I am ready to give you a [real] task now."

High Consul Herleagis says, "In your conflicts in the frontiers, you have surely visited the island of Agramon. This island was once the Uruz capital. Nothing is left of our city on the surface, but our Labyrinth below still [remains]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "This is where we stored our relics before the island was sunk into the ocean. We need to know why the wards that protected the Labyrinth have broken, bringing us back to these lands."

Will you assist High Consul Herleagis in discovering why the Labyrinth wards have been broken?

High Consul Herleagis says, "The wards themselves were inscribed into large stones at the entrances and key points of the Labyrinth. What I want you to do is search Agramon for the nearest entrance to the Labyrinth and look for any remaining pieces of the entrance [wards]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "These are extremely important as the magic within and evidence nearby could tell us something of how they were broken. Return to me with anything you find as soon as possible."

Go to Agramon and find the entrance to the Labyrinth on the Alb side - it's marked on the map with a dungeon symbol. Go into the tower and look for a clump of rocks called 'Broken Ward Stones'. Right-click on one and collect Ward Stone Fragments from it.

These chunks of stone appear to have come from the nearby archway. You can barely make out chipped remains of some sort of rune on one.

As you gather up all the fragments you can for the High Consul, you notice a number of hoofprints mixed in with the normal footprints leading into the Labyrinth.

Talk to Chamberlain Harlen about the hoofprints you saw.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Hoof prints? The High Consul told us they hadn't tried to venture back into the Labyrinth yet. I'm hesitant to let the High Consul have all of the fragments just yet. Let me keep this one for further study. Report back to me how he reacts."

Talk to High Consul Herleagis, and give him the ward stone fragments you still have.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Were you able to find the ward stones?"

High Consul Herleagis says, "My suspicions are confirmed then. I'll take these fragments back to my people, but they hardly need to be examined now. This is obviously the work of one of the [other clans]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "You see, before we left these lands, the Uruz were divided into four clans. The first... is lost and I would rather not speak of them. My own clan, the Korazh, have always been an honorable [people]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "The Graoch and the Deifrang were greedy and corrupt, always hungry for more power. It was they who started our civil war and their iniquity that brought the catastrophe that drove us away. One of them must be after the relics now."

During this conversation you will have been rewarded for completing Finding the Fragments - with 10 billion experience (5000 champion experience) and 310 gold. Now you begin Emissary: Meeting of Blades

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