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Meeting of Blades

This step requires you to kill either enemy players or soldiers on Agramon. The soldiers are located near the milegate to the enemy realms - Hibernian soldiers will be in stands of trees near the western Alb milegate, while Midgard soldiers will be in stands of trees near the eastern Alb Milegate.


If you choose to kill soldiers, it may take multiple kills before you receive a map - killing a player on Agramon should give you a map the first kill.

When you have the map, return first to Chamberlain Harlen.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Yes, Urimoo? What news do you have for me?"

Chamberlain Harlen says, "What do you have to report?"

Hand the Chamberlain the map you got from the enemy player or soldier.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "I don't recognize this language at all. Then again, I haven't seen any Minotaur writing. Maybe his suspicions really are correct. I feel I should warn you that the [negotiations] between the King and the High Consul have not been going well."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "The King doesn't trust the Minotaurs and fears that they may be trying to distract our attention from something greater. He also fears that they could be leading one of his greatest champions into a trap. Even if it isn't of the High Consul's own doing, but that of one of the other clans, the [consequences] would be the same. Our realm cannot afford to lose one such as you."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Soon, I suspect that what the High Consul could have you doing will lead you into extreme danger. Particularly if he sends you into the Labyrinth itself, you may want to think about bringing friends with you. For now, go ahead and take the map to the High Consul. Do whatever he asks next, but please, be careful. Report to me once again after you have finished."

Talk to the High Consul.

High Consul Herleagis says, "You've returned! Wonderful! Hand me the Ektakten."

Hand him the Ektakten.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Ah, the Ektakten's power has grown measurably. Excellent, Urimoo, excellent. Now, show me what evidence you have found in the hands of our enemies.

Hand him the map.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Hah! I knew it. The [writing] here is in the Uruz language. It still doesn't tell us which of the other clans is at fault, but we shall discover that shortly."

High Consul Herleagis says, "The writing says to meet them at one of the three meeting places agreed to by the entrances to the Labyrinth. The holder of the map was likely on their way there, so travel as fast as you can back to Agramon and check into these three meeting places. Slay anyone you find there and if any Uruz are in attendance, bring me their horns so I can finally know what clan is behind this."

There are three campfires on Agramon, each near one of the entrances to the Labyrinth. The one by the Albion entrance is at 52600, 10400, and standing around the campfire are two treasure hunters. Kill them. From each you will get a Minotaur horn. When both are dead, return to High Consul Herleagis and give him the Pair of Bloody Minotaur Horns.


High Consul Herleagis says, "Were you able to obtain any horns from the rival clans?"

High Consul Herleagis says, "This doesn't make any sense. This horn is from a member of the Graoch clan, but this other horn is from a member of the Deifrang clan. Could they have been meeting with each other to plot their treachery or were they both betrayed individually? I must consult with the leaders of my clan about this immediately. I will ask Chamberlain Harlen to let you know when I am ready to speak to you again."

Speak to Chamberlain Hardlen, and receive your reward - another 14 billion experience and 7000 champion experience, and another 414 gold. Chamberlain Harlen also begins Consulting the Keeper...

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