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Infernal Investigation


As soon as you finished chapter 1, you can continue speaking with Chamberlain Harlen and start chapter 2. Or you can come back later...
Chamberlain Harlen says, "It's good that you've returned, Urimoo. The King is quite concerned about the chance that our battle with the demons has not yet concluded. Until the High Consul returns, your top priority is the investigation of this possibility."

Will you assist the Chamberlain in uncovering more about the continued demonic threat? [Level 50]

Chamberlain Harlen says, "You are to work directly with Merlin's Vanguard, the organization Anataeus leads in its never-ending battle against the otherwordly, in rooting out this potential threat. Report to Anataeus in the castle immediately."

Head to Anataeus - he's upstairs in the round table building.

Anataeus says, "Merlin's Vanguard was weakened a great deal by Azazel's schemes. We have always been a small organization, but many of our members were killed by his minions during the confusion after my kidnapping. I'm very glad to have [your help] for this."

Anataeus says, "I've seen many reports showing a significant increase in infernalist activity recently. Strangely enough, it's been concentrated entirely in the frontiers. [Demon Summoning Stones] are being erected from Snowdonia to Hadrian's Wall, with more joining the rituals around them all the time."

Anataeus says, "Demon Summoning Stones are built using demon stone mined from teh very depths of Darkness Falls itself, then brought to the surface to serve as a conduit for demonic energy. They also serve as anchors for the demons summoned through them, tethering them to our world once the summoning rituals have been [completed]."

Anataeus says, "I need you to venture out into the frontiers and destroy these stones, shutting down the portals and allowing you to collect pieces of them for my research. Five pieces should be enough to trace the demonic energy back to its latest source. Go to the frontier side of Forest Sauvage and speak with valaylla. She can give you the latest reports of the stones' locations."

Valaylla is in Forest Sauvage, in a corner near the portal stone at the keep. Talk to her.

Valaylla says, "You must be Urimoo. Let's keep this brief. The [infernalists] gather more power while we tarry."

Valaylla says, "I've heard rumors of infernalists gathering all across the frontiers, but I only have a few reports containing actual [locations] of Demon Summoning Stones."

Valaylla says, "They can be found near Renaris Spire, Caer Sursbrooke Watchtower, Hurbury Outpost, Caer Erasleigh Guardtower, and Caer Benowyc Spire. Of course, there are likely many more throughout the frontiers, so if they've moved from any of those locations, don't give up. Take this scroll and use it in case you forget where to [search]."

Valaylla says, "The destruction of the stones is your first priority, but beware the infernalists that built them. Also, be careful of the sudden release of unrestrained demonic energy when the [stone is broken]."

Valaylla says, "It doesn't tend to leave much behind, but you should be able to recover at least one piece sizeable enough for Anataeus' research for every stone you destroy. You will need help for this mission and Merlin's Vanguard can't spare anyone, so bring friends."

You need to destroy five demon summoning stones. They can be found throughout the frontiers, but there's no need to go hunting for a bunch of different stones - you can just find one and kill it over and over again. They are on a two minute respawn, so it's faster to camp one than it is to go off running to another.

The scroll Valaylla gave you says:

Demon Summoning Stones in the Albion Frontier can sometimes be found southwest and north across the river from Renaris Spire, and southeast of Sursbrooke Watchtower. Others have been spotted west and northeast of Hurbury Outpost, southwest of Erasleigh Outpost, and east of Benowyc Spire. There are likely many more throughout both the Hibernian and Midgard Frontiers.

The Infernalists have taken to moving their activities between the various locations to avoid interference. If you don't find them at one location, you should try looking in another.

I don't have a complete list of locations, but since you should only need a couple...
9.5k, 38k Forest Sauvage - N/NE of Renaris
30k, 13k Snowdonia - NE of Hurb 3.

Once you get to the location, if the stone is spawned it will be surrounded by five infernalists and a Master Infernalist. These are not directly part of the quest, but they're in your way... you can pull them usually one or two at a time, and since they are blue (the Master Infernalist is yellow), they are easily solo'd.

Once its guards are dead, you can deal with the summoning stone itself. It is basically an enemy that doesn't fight back - target it, and attack away. It doesn't have a lot of health like a siege object, so it won't take long. When you've killed it, you (and your group) will receive a Chunk of Demon Stone.

When you have five chunks of demon stone, return to Valaylla.

Valaylla says, "Have you destroyed five of the Demon Summoning Stones, Urimoo? And do you have the Chunks of Demon Stone for Anataeus? If so let me examine them first."

Valaylla says, "These will do just fine. Perhaps we can finally discover the true source of our demonic opposition once and for all. Get these to Anataeus immediately. He awaits you in his tower where the rituals can be performed. Use this teleportation stone within the Academy of Camelot to reach him."

Head to the Academy in Camelot, and go up to the top floor next to Master Narudos. Once there, /use the teleportation stone Valaylla gave you and you (and your group , if they're in Camelot) will be transported to Arcane Tower, Anataeus' home. Go to Anataeus, and hand him the chunks of demon stone.

Anataeus says, "These are perfect! Now, I'll infuse these chunks into our facsimile Demon Summoning Stone. It will be much weaker than those the infernalists build, but still strong enough to trace the demonic energy it channels back to its source. All that remains is your word to [begin]."

If you are in a group, you should be sure that only one person tells Anataeus to begin. Otherwise, the spell effects will repeat for each person that does so... The next bit of dialogue will appear in your chat window, rather than the box.

Anataeus says, "Let us commence!"

Anataeus says, "I can see the flow of demonic energy. It twists and turns north from here through the mountains, into the hills and past Cotswold. That's strange. It's not turning towards Darkness Falls. It oozes through Castle Sauvage, curves northwest to Caer Boldiam, then picks up speed toward Agramon."

Anataeus says, "It rushes forth into a ruined tower and cascades down into the Labyrinth. Wait. What is that? A demon in the Labyrinth? He... he's looking right at me. This isn't right. Quickly, we must stop him from following the energy back to us!"

Anataeus says, "It's too late! He's breaking through! Urimoo, slay the demon before he kills us all!"

Algol says, "Fools! None may intrude upon a demon with impunity!"

The latest speaker, Algol, is an orange con demon - always orange con, whether you are solo or in a FG. Finish him...

Algol says, "This.... this is not... possible! I'm a... demon!"

Then talk to Anataeus.

Anataeus says, "It would take immense demonic power to break through such a weak portal. If this kind of power lurks within the Labyrinth, there must be more to these relics the Minotaurs speak of than we realize. Report back to Chamberlain Harlen and tell him what you have seen."

/use the teleportation stone again to return to Camelot, then talk to Chamberlain Harlen again.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "This is very serious news. Perhaps this is what Gorvinius wished to warn us about. Why would the High Consul have tried to hide this from us? Could he not have known? We need answers to these questions before word of this spreads."

You are now rewarded for Infernal Investigation with 16,000,000,000 experience (that's 8,000 CLXP) and 518 gold.

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