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Illusions of Grandeur


Chamberlain Harlen says, "We must contact the High Consul immediately. Unfortunately he is still with his people in their new home in [Campacorentin Forest]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Since their return to these realms, the Korazh have begun digging a small system of caves there to form a new miniature Labyrinth. The High Consul lives in a portion of these caves that even other Korazh are [not allowed to enter]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "His personal guards let no one through that the High Consul has not already specifically approved, even a representative of King Constantine. But perhaps there is a way, if you're willing to help us further."

Will you assist Chamberlain Harlen in contacting the High Consul within his new home?

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Visit Oressa at the Lethantis Association in Campacorentin Forest. She is a Sorcerer who has focused her entire life on the study of magical [illusions]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Oressa should be able to help you look like one of the High Consul's own guards in order to sneak in and speak to him. Just tell her I sent you. Do this as quickly as possible. The fate of this alliance depends on it."

Head to the Lethantis Association, near Campacorentin Station. Oressa is up the entrance ramp and straight ahead.

Oressa says, "The Chamberlain sent you? Why?"

Oressa says, "Well I suppose I could create the illusion you require, but I don't have all of the components I would need on hand. Let's see... I'd [need] a stonerot worm's tooth for that grizzled guard look, pain eater ashes for color, and the feral goblin hunter's nose for body."

Oressa says, "Stonerot worms actually burrow into large stones in bodies of water to wait inside and ambush large prey that swims by. They're usually not around at this time of year, but you can check the end of the narrow lake just west of here. Swim around the bottom near the stones. If there's a stonerot worm in one, don't worry, you'll see [him]."

Oressa says, "Pain eaters are a recent undead creation that feed on the sorrow of undead around them. Kill all of the disturbed presences around the ruined building southeast of Caer Ulfwych to starve one out of [hiding]."

Oressa says, "The feral goblin hunter has set up an ambush point at the end of the road just east of here. He hunts human and goblin alike, so you should have no problems drawing him out."

First, go find a stonerot worm. There's only one place to find these - underwater at the NW corner of the river that runs through Camp Forest. Specifically, 8.2k, 4.5k - underwater at that loc is a stone from which the Stonerot Worm will emerge. It's yellow con, so not a hard fight.

Next, run across the zone to 53k, 48k - SE of Caer Ulfwych, or NW of Keltoi Fogou, at the end of the side road marked on the map. Kill ALL of the disturbed presences around - including any respawns. When there are no disturbed presences up, a pain eater will spawn in the ruined house. It is also yellow con. It will repop quickly until a disturbed presence is spawned again, so if you don't want to fight a string of pain eaters, back away from the house before killing it.

Finally, the feral goblin hunter - across the zone again. 32k, 6k, east of Lethantis Association, at the end of the path marked on the map. He is yet another yellow con.

When you've killed all three, return to Oressa.

Oressa says, "You returned fast. Maybe you didn't get the items I said I needed? If you did then let's see them. Hand me the Stonerot Worm's Tooth first."

Oressa says, "This is a front tooth and I wanted a back tooth. You'd better be glad I have a spell that can fix that. Now, hand me the ashes."

Oressa says, "Hey, there's dirt mixed in with these ashes! Do you want this to work or not? Well, don't just stand there, give me the nose you got."

Oressa says, "And there's blood on this nose! Are you trying to make me sick?"

Oressa says, "I could have [finished] that in half that time if you hadn't gotten dirt in the ashes."

Oressa says, "There you go. When used in the High Consul's Sanctum the magic in this gem will create perfect illusionary replicas of the High Guardians' armor that will even change your form to resemble the High Guardians. Be sure to wear both the [vest and the leggings] for the illusion to be complete."

Oressa says, "Oh and don't go thinking it'll work outside the High Consul's cave. The illusion relies on actual High Guardians being nearby to function properly. Now, leave me be. I have research to do."

Now you need to go to the High Consul's cave so you can talk to him. It is just east of the Lethantis Association, at 26.5k, 5.5k.

Once inside, /use the Purple Gem and then put on the armor that it summons (the High Guardian's Vest and High Guardian's Leggings). Once you have done so, make your way through the caves - don't worry about the High Guardians, they won't bother you if you're wearing the armor.

Talk to High Consul Herleagis.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Urimoo, what are you doing in here? Oh, I see. I had hoped we could avoid discussing this until your people had gained a litttle more [trust] in us."

High Consul Herleagis says, "I did know about the demons in the Labyrinth, but you must believe that I did not mean to deceive you. The demons' involvement with my people is an embarassment that still [shames] us to this day."

High Consul Herleagis says, "The gods that asked us to build our relics were not our gods at all. They were demons in disguise, seeking to corrupt and weaken the Uruz so we would be easy to conquer. Their plan worked nearly flawlessly, as the other clans fell quickly to their greed. When the demons finally attacked, we were already engrossed in civil war. We were forced to flee for our lives, seeking refuge in [faraway lands]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "These scrolls are for Chamberlain Harlen, though you may read them if you wish. The scrolls explain our full history. I would have returned with them to Camelot sooner, but I have been delayed dealing with far greater concerns. Take the scrolls to the Korazh Hunter at Campacorentin Station so that he can deliver them to Camelot. Then return to me. Don't worry about my guards. You are welcome in my home now."

If you want to keep copies of the scrolls for yourself, /use the scrolls. Whether you chose to keep a copy or not, take the scroll to the Korazh Hunter near the guard tower at Campacorentin Station. Then return to the High Consul in his sanctum.

High Consul Herleagis says, "The scrolls for the Chamberlain also contained a note explaining what I shall now [explain] to you now. You will understand this much better if you already [read the scrolls] yourself."

High Consul Herleagis says, "Further examination of the map you gave me indicates that it wasn't written by the Graoch or the Deifrang. It appears to have been written by the Thelo, the corrupt Uruz still living within the Labyrinth We believe they may be trying to form some sort of alliance with the other clans in order to finally drive out the demons once and for all, likely in exchange for some of the [relics]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "The consequences of allowing such an alliance would be extremely grim for the entire realm. If this is true, we must stop it immediately. I want you to travel at once to Agramon and meet with Craesyne, our best scout. He's been making exploratory expeditions into the Labyrinth for us and may have information about this [possibility]."

High Consul Herleagis says, "Take this signaling whistle. Use it at the tree just south of the closest entrance to the Labyrinth on Agramon, Craesyne's rendezvous point. This will let him know that the area is clear and he is safe to reveal himself."

Head to Agramon, just outside the Albion side entrance to the Labyrinth. The tree you need to be at in order to use the whistle is just a few feet from the tower, at 55.3k, 56k. /use the whistle, and Craesyne will approach - when he is unstealthed, go talk to him.

Craesyne says, "I was starting to think you weren't coming. Now stay low, keep quiet, and I'll tell you what I know."

At this point you finish Illusions of Grandeur, and are given 32 billion experience (16,000 CLXP) and 518 gold. Craesyne continues with the beginning of Unraveling: Crush the Alliance...



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