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Crush the Alliance


Craesyne says, "I never would have imagined that the Graoch and Deifrang would be so low as to join with the Thelo, but there are definitely negotiations taking place. Sure, they still fight each other, for now, but it's [slowing down]."

Craesyne says, "In my stealthy explorations of the Labyrinth, I've seen countless quiet meetings between individual Uruz and their corrupt counterparts. Often it's a simple exchange of a note or a single word before they part, but it never ends in violence. This has to stop now. I'm no fighter and they often meet in very dangerous areas where I can't risk revealing myself, but I think you'll have better chances."

Will you help stop the negotiations between the Thelo and the other clans?

Craesyne says, "Here, take this map. It shows all the regular meeting places I've found. Bring plenty of help that you can trust and stop these meetings without delay."

The map Craesyne gives you is somewhat confusing, as rather than directing you from one point to the next, it starts each time with directions from the Hub. If you keep that in mind it's fairly straightforward, but here's a map with the meeting locations marked.

Most of the locations are easy to get to, and involve fighting, at most, a couple yellow con mobs. When you get to each, the quest will advance when you're close enough to the minotaur corpses. However, one location (#7) is just past a purple con mob, Stonemason Jh'tiel, who can be fairly difficult. It's possible to sneak past him if you time it right. This location is also different in that there's a mob to fight that's directly related to the quest - an orange con doppelganger named Craesyne will spawn and attack you.

When you kill the false Craesyne, he drops a map (not really, it doesn't go into your inventory or anything, but the chat window says he does) with another location on it. Head to location #8, in the Albion entrance area.

The suspicious looking goblins at this location are, in fact, dopplegangers. You can pull them individually until they're all dead. Once they are, go talk to the real Craesyne.

Craesyne says, "Ugh, my head. I'd thank Vartigeth you found me, but first you should probably tell me who you are and why you're [down here]."

Craesyne says, "Well I suppose that explains it. I've been investigating these negotiations between the other clans for days. From what I've overheard and read in documents I've managed to sneak a peek at, it looks like the Thelo are offering a portion of the Labyrinth, along with some of the relics within, in exchange for the help of the Graoch or the Deifrang in clearing out the [demons] once an for all."

Craesyne says, "The dopplegangers have been trying to stop this at the behest of the demons. They spotted me spying on the negotiations, stole the map I'd made of the meeting locations, then forced me to talk by poisoning me with some magic-resistant concoction they stole from the [Thelo]."

Craesyne says, "Frankly I'm all for letting the demons put a stop to this themselves, but even with the dopplegangers' help, they're not making any ground. I've got my own plan, but I've got to get the antidote for this poison first or I'll never live to see it to fruition. Find the nearest Thelo alchemist and see if he has some. Here, I'll mark on the map where I think I last saw one. At the time I didn't think he was worth noting."

Go kill a corrupt alchemist - I've only ever seen one, but it's in an easy to get to location....

Once you've killed the alchemist and have the antidote (it should only take one kill), return to Craesyne - you'll have to kill the goblins/dopplegangers again. Talk to Craesyne...

Craesyne says, "You're back! Thank Nethuni those animals even bothered making an antidote. I'll probably have a nasty headache for a few more days, but I'll live. Now let's get on to [business]."

Craesyne says, "If we want to stop these alliances with the Thelo, we need to revive their contempt and distrust of one another. While the forces of the other clans may still fight each other regularly, none will attack the others' leaders and key negotiators while diplomatic discussion continues. If we can [break this precedent], their negotiations should crumble."

Craesyne says, "The first thing I need you to do is track down the commanders of both the Graoch and Deifrang's expeditionary forces, Bertuch and Ottogron. Kill them both, as well as any witnesses nearby. Search the [bodies] and get Bertuch's Graoch Medallion and Ottogron's Deifrang Signet Ring."

Craesyne says, "Take this buckle and this button, both from the armor of a Thelo commander. I managed to procure them from his quarters a few days ago. Drop them by the bodies before you leave to implicate the Thelo. Report back to me at my secret rendezvous location. The High Consul should have told you about it."

Now you must head toward the Hibernian entry level area of the Labyrinth. On the stairs to the Hibernian section of the entry level is a room off to the side - Commander Bertuch is in this room. He is orange con, and has several orange con guards - it is a tough fight for a solo player, if you do it as intended. However, it's been reported that he can be pulled solo and his guards won't add - but I'd consider this a bug, so wouldn't rely on it. I'd bring at least a friends or two. (You may need to bring a lot of friends just to GET to him, depending on how active RvR in the Labyrinth is.) Once Bertuch is dead you will receive Bertuch's Graoch Medallion. You must drop the Thelo Commander's Buckle in the vicinity of where Bertuch spawns to move on to the next step. This involves literally dropping it on the ground, as you might do with loot you don't want to keep.

When you've killed Bertuch, taken his medallion, and dropped the buckle, you must head to the Mid side and do the same thing with their commander, Ottogron. Kill him, get his Signet, and drop the Button.

Once the commanders have been killed and the false evidence placed, meet Craesyne on Agramon (again, sort of). Head to the same tree as before and use the signaling whistle again.

Craesyne says, "Haha! Perfect. Both clans are probably already planning a counterattack. Now we [make sure] the Thelo never stop to explain that they weren't responsible."

Craesyne says, "The Thelo like to gather at sites near Nurizane's Crossroads before their attacks. They're often led by one of two commanders, Talidrarg or Irodrim. I need you to find and kill them both. Be sure no Thelo that see you survive. Leave the Graoch Medallion near Talidrarg's body and the Deifrang Signet Ring near Irodrim's body. Report back to me here once you're done."

Now you basically have to do what you just did with the Graoch and Deifrang commanders, just in a different location. These fights are slightly more difficult than the previous ones, since the Thelo commanders are red con. They're not located in a hallway that will often be used for RvR traffic, however...

Drop the Graoch Medallion at Talidrarg's spawn, and the Deifrang Signet Ring at Irodrim's spawn. That done, return to Agramon again and summon Craesyne once more near the tree.

Craesyne says, "Well at least you used the whistle this time. What are you still doing on Agramon?"

You now complete Crush the Alliance, and begin the last quest of Chapter 2, Kingly Crisis. You receive 40 billion experience, as well as 1 plat.

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