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Kingly Crisis


Craesyne says, "I thought you were heading back to the the throne room to let everyone know of our success. Why are you looking at me like that? You were just here about an hour ago with your allies telling me you'd succeeded in your mission. You said you were going to let the [Chamberlain] know, then inform the High Consul in his sanctum."

Craesyne says, "Where'd you find the whistle, anyway? You said you lost it, which is why you wouldn't stop shouting for me to come out. [You have no idea] what I'm talking about, do you..."

Craesyne says, "Gah! How could I have been so stupid? The dopplegangers must have known about my meeting place or they wouldn't have been able to meet you here to send you into the Labyrinth. Your King may be in [grave danger]!"

Craesyne says, "Get to the throne room immediately, Urimoo! Defend the King's lifeblood at all costs!"

As Craesyne suggests (orders?), you should now head to the Throne Room, and be prepared to fight to defend the king. This step is probably soloable, but it won't hurt to bring friends.

Once you get to the throne room, you'll notice that lined up in the area in front of the King are some new NPCs. These will quickly shapechange into blue con dopplegangers, which the NPCs nearby will start fighting. You can join in, or not. When they are dead, there will be a short pause, and then a demon, Duke Raloruk, will appear.

The demon is heavily purple when it spawns, but fear not - he kills the NPCs in the room (particularly the weaponmasters from the various guilds). Once the weaponmasters are dead, he becomes orange con, but with a whole lot of hit points. He doesn't do a lot of damage, so if you have any healing, or good defense, he should be no problem. Toward the end of the fight some bovine cavalry comes to save the day - High Consul Herleagis and a pair of High Guardians. They will help you kill Duke Raloruk.

Killing Raloruk should move the quest to the next step, which is to talk to High Consul Herleagis. However, it's sometimes wonky with the credit, so you may have to do it again (to do so, just leave the Throne Room instance, wait a few minutes, and go back in - if anyone has that step of the quest, the encounter should begin again). Assuming you got credit as you should have, talk to the High Consul.

High Consul Herleagis says, "Craesyne informed me of the situation and we got here as fast as we could. You should speak with the King and make sure he's alright. I hope this has shown him just how serious a threat the Labyrinth poses to the realm's safety as long as it is left open."

Speak with King Constantine.

King Constantine says, "I will not see Albion continue to be threatened at its very core by demons, dopplegangers, corrupt minotaurs, trolls, elves or anything else over dusty, corrupted relics! The Korazh can have their alliance. This Labyrinth must be sealed or destroyed immediately and we're going to need their help to do it. Speak with Chamberlain Harlen. This ends now."

Speak with Chamberlain Harlen...

Chamberlain Harlen says, "What the King asks will not be easy. You've faced significant danger in recent days, but I have a feeling that you haven't even scratched the surface of the true menace that lurks within the Labyrinth. Come back to me only when you feel truly ready."

And thus ends Unraveling. You receive another 16 billion experience and 518 gold.

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