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Entrance for Albion:
loc=55037,55089,9231 dir=81 Agramon , Tower of Korazh
Demonic entrance - loc=30260,62349,8155 dir=314 Hadin's Wall, Noblis Flatlands

The Dracolich(Zhulrathuul) see video spoiler
The fearsome Dracolich, one of the oldest and most powerful creatures to walk the earth, resides deep within the Labyrinth guarding untold treasures. This skeletal dragon commands hordes of undead to guard its chambers and search for other Relics strewn about the corridors of the Labyrinth.
Lord arrgomon

he move in doors now hes not hard to kill be sure to deal with adds well and be ready to walk swing and caster slow. pops a skelly morph on you when you go in

During the height of their technological and mystical advancements, the Minotaur created a huge construct in the image of their king, Maghras. Over the centuries the construct has laid dormant, guarding the most prized Relics of the Minotaur. However, with the recent activity in the Labyrinth, the construct has begun to stir once again.
The Greek legends of Cerberus no doubt gained their origin from this giant three-headed hell hound. The fell beast has been bound for thousands of years as a guardian over the Minotaur Relics.
Muxog the Goblin Chief
Evidence found within the Labyrinth indicates that the Minotaur may have been the progenitors of what is now known as the goblin race. The goblin tribes found within the Labyrinth are more vicious and advanced than any found throughout the Realms. Their leader, Muxog, is even more so.
Zhulrathuul video

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