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Mauler Guide
Mauler Arties

The new class

The Mauler class is shared between all three realms and must be activated for play by completing a special world event/quest. When completed, the event unlocks the Mauler for your realm. This was hold 13 minotaur realic's on the USA servers when launched this has been dropped to 7. unsure of what the Euro quest is

The Mauler is a class comprised of brawny and brutish martial artist elements along with unique powers and spells. This brawling class channels earthen elemental powers to perform its primal magic. These powers augment Mauler combat abilities and combat styles. The class does not have a normal power pool, however. It will gain power from taking damage in combat.

Maulers can specialize in two forms of melee combat. Mauler Staff uses a weighted, primitive form of the quarterstaff. It is known for its raw power, rather than the finesse of other staff based skills. Fist wraps are rune inscribed pieces of cloth, or heavy weights attached to the fists to augment the Maulerís naturally powerful hand to hand combat.

Their spell lines augment melee combat depending on the specialization.

Aura manipulation augments the natural auras around the Mauler, enhancing their defence and health, as well as those around them.

Magnetism uses the power of the earth to disrupt the actions of enemies in close quarters with the Mauler.

Power strikes allows the Mauler to launch a barrage of attacks that will damage and debuff anyone who decides to face them in combat.

Starting Class Albion: Fighter

Guild : Defenders of Albion

Starting stats (Rising attributes are in blue.)




Charisma Empathy Dexterity





60 60 60


60 60
Minotaur 80 60 40 60 60


50 60



Master Level Paths

Battle master 



Please note that you cannot use /leveled characters to become the Mauler, nor can you use the /level command once you have become a Mauler.

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