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The new race

This expansion introduces the
Minotaur as a playable race for all realms. These minotaur come from three different tribes of Minotaur, and will have characteristics (looks) that are different for each realm. There will not be any female Minotaur, you will only be able to create male Minotaur.

The Minotaur are a savage race, distinguished by their bull-like heads atop burly human bodies. They are a tribal people, the sundered remains of an ancient civilization, with various clans scattered across the Realms. The  Uruz-Korazh in Albion.

The Minotaur are naturally brutish and sturdy. As a result, they have high Constitution and Strength values, but lower Quickness and Dexterity values. The Minotaur are also naturally resistant to heat and cold because of their thick hides.

Minotaur are combative by nature and do not shy away from melee combat. They have access to heavy tank and high-damage tank classes, as well as hybrids.


Minotaur Appearance

Classes available to the Minotaur:
Arms man



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