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Mythical list


As you adventure through the Labyrinth, you will find magical items that can be placed on your character's new inventory slot, the Mythical Slot.  These powerful new items are known as Mythirian.  There are three tiers of Mythirian items, each containing their own unique bonuses.  

The first tier has a green inventory icon and can be equipped at Champion Level 6. These items can be found on lower level monsters early in the Labyrinth.

The second tier has a yellow inventory icon and can be equipped at Champion Level 8.  These items can be found deeper in the Labyrinth on mid to high level monsters. 

The third and final tier has a red inventory icon and can be equipped at champion level 10.  These items can be found in the deepest regions of the Labyrinth. 

Within each tier of Mythirian items there are three levels of bonuses: Lesser, Average, and Greater.  You will be able to locate the lesser level items on regular mobs throughout the Labyrinth.  The average items will drop from named mobs found at dead ends throughout the Labyrinth.  The Greater level items will only drop from monsters that guard the Minotaur Relics. 

The Bonuses

The bonuses of mythical items stack with every other bonus, and the cap increases go past the normal caps. So with a Bolstering Mighty Mythirian equipped, the maximum amount of strength from items would go from 101 to 109. A Protector's Bluntbender Mythirian will increase your crush resist cap from 26% to 32%.

Tier two stat and resist items not only increase the cap, but also give you the same amount of bonus as the cap is increased. So that Protector's Bluntbender Mythirian mentioned earlier would not only increase the cap to 32%, but it would give you 6% crushing resist - so if you were at 25/26% before, with this item you'd be at 31/32%.

+Evade/Parry/Block items do not give you a chance to do those things if you cannot already do so. If you can't parry already, getting a +parry mythical item won't give you any bonus.

Where You Get Them

The most common way to get a mythical item is simply to kill regular monsters in the Labyrinth. All the mobs (aside from the ones in each realm's entrance area) have a chance to drop mythical items. They will drop lesser and average level items, however.

For the "greater" mythical items, you will need to kill encounter bosses. Each encounter is associated with a mythical item tier, and when the boss is killed you have a chance to receive a "greater" item from that tier. The most desired mythical items will be drops off of the most difficult bosses.


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