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unlocking the mauler

simple idea

get big BG going

get X* number of relics (these are not in the labyrinth) all move to

Aggromon stand under the orb (big ball of light) its in between the 4 daemon seals

you will get a quest that gives you a reward (thorphy)

go roll a mauler

YOU dont need lotm to help unlock the class


  1. lvl 1 relics can be picked up solo
  2. lvl 2 and 3 relics you need a group to be able to pick it up
  3. relics have a decay timer on them meaning you need to feed them or they despawn (feed them RP's
  4. lvl2 relics spawn when 3 lvl1 relics are in play 
  5. lvl3 relics spawn wehn 3 lvl2 relics are in play 
  6. relics de-spawn in the lower lvl relics goes below 3 its doesn't affect ones in play

* this is currently set to 18 as of 14/2/7

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