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Group  Setup

1. ML10 sorc/cabby
2. Cleric(enh)
3. Cleric(rejuv)
4. Pally
5. Ice Wizard
6. Theurgist
7. Theurgist
8. Theurgist

The killing

After finding Levi,
put a
Power Font  and 2 Prescience Node in front,
That remains is the return point. The casters and clerics stay on that mark and the tanks fight as close to it as possible, so when there is parasite aggro they are easily rid of via the icer's pbaoe. When you get Forceful Zephyrd, head back to the fonts again.
Makes sure the Icers stays with the pally the ml9 pet should hold the aggro keep a cleric with the pet in view at least if not perma targgeted


A huge Boned Fish that patrols Aerus, his route is about 15-20 minutes long where he swims around the Ring of Dance island and comes around in-between Sillia Island and the Ring of Dance Island. To make things easy you can either get a Minstrel to swim his path and locate him or just head to the Fools Bow spawn loc and wait for him.

Leviathan can be easy if you know what you are doing, however, he still FZs pretty much everyone 2-3 times, nukes, and he spawns 20-30 parasites during the fight which are blue or yellow con.

Where ever you are make sure everyone is under water and your clerics and casters are spread out. You can talk to Leviathan to make him stay in one spot, have all your tanks stuck to Leviathan. If you have 2 grps you can just use 1 grp as Parasite control. If you have a zerg just spread out, and kill. If you get FZd just make sure you swim back and heal etc...


Leviathan Heart Slot: Jewelry Constitution: 22 pts Spirit Resist: 8% Hits: 24 pts Energy Resist: 8% Item Bonuses: Stat Debuff spell effectiveness: 3% Constitution attribute cap: 6%

Leviathan Ring of Defiance Slot: Ring Thrust Resist: 8% Matter Resist: 8% Body Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8%

Leviathan Ring of the Deep Slot: Ring Strength: 21 pts Constitution: 21 pts Dexterity: 21 pts Hits: 20 pts Item Bonuses: Strength attribute cap: 7 Melee Combat Speed: 3%

Leviathan Skin Cloak Slot: Cloak Slash Resist: 8% Spirit Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8% Energy Resist: 8%

Leviathan Tail Belt Slot: Waist Slash Resist: 8% Thrust Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8% Energy Resist: 8%

Leviathan Tooth Necklace 80 Hits 18 Dexterity 18 Constitution 18 Quickness 32 Hits Cap Increase



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