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With the ToA expansion came master level and artefacts, the later of these two is the subject for this section of the web site, by no means is it definitive or 100% the only information.

However the aim of the section is to provide a clear and easy to understand guide of what artefacts are and how to get them

Artefacts the basics

Q. what is an artie?

    A. An artie is an object that can become a wearable item such as a piece of armour, weapon or jewellery if you have the 2 prerequisites 

Q. You say "2 prerequisites" what are they ?

    A. This is the bit that seems to confuse most people. as a lot of people seem unaware that they exists and think if they have an artie that they can simply use it.

The  2 prerequisites  are

  1. Artefact encounter credit (normally this mean taking part in the killing of the mob)
  2. A full set of scroll's linked with that artefact ( There are 3 scrolls to a set ie 1of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3)

Q. Ok, so I have the "2 prerequisites" what now  ?

    A. To active the artefact (make it a wearable item from an inventory object) you must hand the scrolls to one of the people found in ether the hall of the hero's or in the heaven found in each of the 4 ToA towns.  when you locate the correct NPC he will take the  scrolls, once the scrolls have been handed to the NPC  he will give the artefact item

Q. I've activated an artie fact but the stats that are on the web site r not the same as the one's on the artie what wrong?

    A. most lightly nothing there is a few reason this might of happened the 1st is simply that DAOC has been updated and we have not had chance to do the updates on the artie, 2nd is that the artie come in more than 1 type i.e. melee and caster with differing stats. the 3rd reason and most lightly if you have just activated it is that the artefact is level 0 and all the stats and abilities will only be available when it is levelled

Q. levelling an artie what all that about?

    A. artefacts start at level 0 and stop at level 10 they will gain new stats and abilities at differing levels. levelling an artefact is just the same as levelling a character in the fact that you will need to kill mobs/ enemy realm players.

these are some of the most asked question i get asked as an advisor in game if you have any other question feel free to email me them.

now that you understand what an artie is why not look at the list of arties and check out some of them to complement your template. BTW if anyone ask is artie x good, my answer will be does it fit your template and that's your answer. :)

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