Brimstone Caverns

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CO5 Mob's

Brimstone Caverns

Chapter Three the circle of five


1) Come in get formed up

2) Head up to the first 4-way, take a right, head down to Belial, Kill him.

3) Kill again until all have credit. They pop pretty fast within 5 min. In the meantime kill any pops in the room.

4) Move out of Belial's room, head north to the next turn, go right and continue north to Moloch.

5) Repeat step #3

6) Move out, take first right, head North to first left, move all the way north to Astaroth.

7) Repeat step #3

8) From there, move south to first right turn, take a left at the T intersection, head south at next T, head right (west) and back north to Xaphan.

9) Repeat step #3

10) Move south and to Abaddon.

11) Repeat step #3

12) From Abaddon, move north until a forced right turn, back to the 4-way.

13) Have EVERYONE go talk to the Keeper near the entrance where you zone in.

14) IF you have enough to hold the Legion room ( you're freakin albs it prob wont take much ) move Due north.

15) At some point you should run into a big spider WTFPWN it.

16) Keep going North till you reach Mini legion room.

17) Clear out the Legion room and move SLOWLY through setting PFs as you go. Once you get just outside of aggro range for Legion set up camp.

18) At this point you still have a choice.

  • A) You can kill Legion and farm him over and over so you have a reserve while people fight inside the instance allowing them to /release entrance.
  • B) You can pull the Legion once kill and all go in and pray you beat him.
  • C) You can all try to make a run for it and pray no one dies.
I personally suggest doing A. Doing B or C means lots wont get credit and you risk your clerics being the ones killed outside.
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