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Up Master Level Info Artefact's Kraken leviathan



Kraken with 1 group

pally reaver cleric cleric fire wizzy x4

have clerics fop either side 2 firewizzy with the cleric (and fops)
pally and reaver cross guard each other and go tank it when pally has aggro fire wizzy bolts
make sure you rezz any dead asap
its possible with one grp but lots easier with the foloowing 2 group method

Kraken with 2 groups

PLAN ON DIEING, ALOT!! Bring at least 2-3 full water pots for this raid. You will get Zephyred, chain stunned, grappled, nearsighted, DOTed, maybe other stuff too but this about covers it. Krakens Zephyr is by far worse than Levis, as youll go about 3k away from him at times. And he likes to Zephyr people in to a bunch of yellow sharks. If you get Zephyred into his lair, just drown yourself, you cant get out. Release and come back to the loc where you are killing at. Its only a short run from Oceanus Haven. Sometimes spamming face on him when he Zephyrs can pull you out of it, so try that when it happens.

A solid mix of classes to do this is important. Tics are a great tool as they can both heal, do damage and MR people to get them back up quick. Cabbys both double DOTing, debuffing and nearsighting also work. Scouts do pretty decent damage on him with a bow as well. Still need a coupla shield tanks to protect the clerics. Still gotta have clerics too, hehe. High delve damage casters like air thurg and fire wizzie are good too. Sorcs for crack, but please use your spec nuke, costs less power and gets resisted alot less and dont forget debuffing for other classes is key.

There are 5 mandantory classes listed, the rest can be one of the above. Damage classes are tics, scouts, cabbys, fire wizzys, air thurgists, sorcs.

Tanks:If you are a tank signing up for this, I will say one thing. You need to be able to control agro on this mob. In other words, stand there spam taunt styles, and take LOTS of damage. Pallys: You better be able to double heal. And other tanks, you better be able to take a hit. Tanks need to hold agro so the damage dealers can kill the big octopus. We seemed to have the best luck when a tank is able to hold agro and the casters/acouts could really lay out some damage. Do not MR a tank if they go down! They need to be able to stay on Kraken in melee. Tanks using essence flames in combination with scouts can put out some good damage.

Damage Dealers:If your playing a damage class your here to do damage. But to do that you need to stay alive. Kraken has a tether that he should be pulled to. Generally its a good idea to have a caster to drop a P-node at the limit of his tether. Youll need cross that line to do damage to him. If you start beating the snot out of him, thats great, but youll generate agro so fast, the tanks will not be able to hold him. When you get agro, swim back across the tether line away from him. Tics, use your biggest DDs, but if a caster drops, youll need to MR them. When MRed, act like Kraken is the hib zerg and go give him a big hug. Watch your timer on MR and when it drops below 12 seconds, get back to the clerics to get buffs. Scouts, use rapid fire. Youll hit for 60ish all the time, but you generate lots of agro, so be prepared to run. Cabbys, DOT if your matter spec and spam nearsight. Spirit cabbys spam body debuff till it lands, then tell the BG it hit, and spam lifetap. Sorcs, keep the clerics in crack, and use your basline DD. It uses far less power and doesnt get resisted nearly as much. Sorcs using str/con debuff and debuffing heat and matter for the tics and cabbys also helps. Your nearsighters are abosulutely key in killing Kraken. When NSed, he doesnt throw rocks or zephyr nearly as much. It is also key that the NS is red, lower specs do not seem to work as well. Keep the NS up at ALL times.

Healers:Clerics will setup about 1k back from the tether point. This will keep you in range to heal almost everyone at anytime. Clerics have the hardest jobs on this encounter. Tics need to remember they can heal as well. Im goin to want one cleric in each group to concentrate on keeping the tanks up. Krakens DOT hurts but as far as I can tell, it cannot be cured, you just need to heal thru it. The other cleric keep the casters up. If someone dies, get them rezzed ASAP. Tics need to rez the damage dealers as much as possible, as MR does nice damage on Kraken. Clerics need to rez the tanks, as its very important that they stay on Kraken in melee and guarding the other tank in the group. Dont be afraid to drop a SOR and a FOP where your casting from and out by where the tanks will be holding Kraken. It will help keep you from expending alot of power to heal.

Group 1: Cleric - Cleric - Shield Pally - Shield Tank - Matter Cabby or Earth Wizard - Damage 1 - Damage 2 - Damage 3 -

Group 2: Cleric - Cleric - Shield Pally - Shield Tank - Matter Cabby or Earth Wizard - Damage 1 - Damage 2 - Damage 3 -

Now that groups are set, how exactly do you kill him? For starters move the BG to about 32k 50k in Hesperos. Have the BG hold there. At this point send a pally and the 2 clerics in his group to pull Kraken. Have the clerics pull up about 1500 units from Kraken. Send pally in to pull, taunt him from range, soon as pally is in melee, slam him, turn and run toward clerics. When Kraken is not stunned, pally turns and fights, backing Kraken back to the BG to the north. You will see when Kraken hits the end of his tether. At this point have clerics get a few FOPs down about 1000 units north of Krakens tether, spread them out so clerics are not all bunched up. Then all tanks go to Kraken and start meleeing. After about 10-15 seconds send in the NSers and start with NS. Once NSed, send in the rest of the damage. Get debuffs going for each damage type present, keep NS up, keep him DOTed and he drops fairly quick.

Thats about it. Not as bad as it used to be prior to him being nerfed. Best of luck!

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