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Running an ML raid is not that easy the 1st time you do it, The more you do the easier they get (i would recomend doing a closed /gu may be /as raid for the 1st couple of times)

The aim of this section is to try and make the raid leaders jobs a little easier, however if everyone else reads these sections to they will know what to do and this will help the raid leader.

the first piece's of knowledge you should take with you is the /bg commands

/bg grantcredit <step> <name>

here's a set of macros to use

/macro newbg /bg invite %t (this will invite the person you have targetted to your BG)

/macro tresurer /bg treasurer <name>(this sets the person to carry the bg loot)

/macro lootset  /bg loot tresurer (this makes the loot go to the treasurer)

/macro lvl30 / bg lootlevel 30(any thing at level 30 or above goes to the bg treasurer usefull if you need items)

/macro lvl35 / bg lootlevel 35(any thing at level 35 or above goes to the bg treasurer the normal setting)

/macro lvl50 / bg lootlevel 50(any thing at level 50 or above goes to the bg treasurer usefull if you not looting ROG only good items this way the killing grps still get there share)

/macro pass /bg password <anything you want> (make a BG password secure)

/macro public /bg public (let any 1 join the BG)

/macro private /bg private(close the BG only people who reseve and invite may join)

/bg leader <name>

/bg promote <name>

/bg listen (only BG leader and co leaders may speak)

/bg remove <name> (kick someone from the BG)

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