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Master Level One Updated for 1.85

1 - Survivor
2 - Retrieval
3 - Greater Good
4 - Barrier
5 - Conflict
6 - Curses
7 - The Monument
8 - The Ruby
9 - The Crown
10 - Conquering the Sea
Average time to complete 1 to 1.5 hour


for this raid you need, recommend buying them

Item Cost
ruby(see 1.10) 50G
negative abs belt 50G
nedfall entrapment gem 50g
Desmona token 1 per grp 50g

Pre Steps (what you should do with out the raid)
1.1 Fire, Survivor
1.2 Thieves, Retrieval
1.4 Barrier
1.5 Lord Krojer, Conflict (solo)
Battle Group Step's
The battle group should meet at Volcanus Haven 30 minutes before the raid is due to leave, the steps should be done in the following order to speed things up a little.
  1. 1.6 Kirk,
  2. 1.7 Rassa,
  3. Port to Aerus
  4. 1.9 Harpies,
  5. 1.8 Azures 
  6. 1.3 Chiefs, the Greater Good
  7. 1.10 Cetus, Conquering the Sea


Trial 1 -- Survivor
Step type : Group (Note : you can have as many people as you want help on the 1st two mobs the 3rd mob should be kill by the group needing credit)
Location : 40k 22k Anatole
Group make up : Type 1 (minstrel cleric and buffed sally with any other 6)
Group make up : Type 2 (friar with heat resists 2 tanks  clericand any other 4)
Group make up : Type 3 lots of poeple helping on the 1st two mobs then 1 tanks and cold damage caster and 6 others)
Note : you can use other group make up the above group make up are the quickest and safest ways.
Note : never ever use heat damage it will heal the mobs, they are cold weak best to use cold damage


the order to kill is the same no matter which Group make up you have the order is Sunkaio, Zopuero, and Aithos will be noted as S Z A for now on  and the basic tactics are the same so just adapt them to fit your group

  1. talk to Ianetor who is located on the bridge connecting the centre island to the outer ones. 
  2. After you have talked to him you have 1 minute to get to the centre island. 
  3. After the minute timer, 3 giant fire elementals will appear named S Z A
  4. Your first target is S

    Sunkaio tactics

    start at the side of the island have you tank/sally go to S
    once your tanks has the agrro have the rest of the group move to S
    ZERG s health down once main tank has him to 95% cold damage is nice here
    mobs should now be dead power rest


  5. move round the island to Z (not to close to the mobs but stay away from the edge both will end up in death)

    Zopuero tactics

    First thing to do here is to all assist a class with stun (DONT NOT HIT Z)
    Z has some flames next to him get you stun class to target one in range and get all to assist
    stun the flame all assist train on it keep repeating till Zopuero fall's(have seen this done by killing 1 flame)
    Note : the damage on the flames is take of Z i.e if you get the flame to 0% before it get to you and AoE then Z dies)

  6. rest up and get power
  7. Move on to Aithos, he is just straight melee fight, nothing special about him.

    At the end of this trial, you receive a gem that stops the Needfall Traps on Trial 6.

ml1.1 Framing method

  1.  group Mincer  sally, buffbot cold damage dealer (ice wizzy clod theurgest, scout with cold proc bow) plus anything else you want
  2. set up fop at the brown patch of earth in front of Zopuero fully buff sally(earth buff help here too)
  3. get sally to attack Sunakio Mincer shout if sally get to 40% health should not though
  4. at the same time get bb to stun the sorpus (the fire balls what ever they called) and ice wizzy nuke it about 4 of these drops zop
  5. by this time sun should be about to drop when it does
  6. heal sally up then  attack Aithos  at about 80%  icer PBAOE 1.1 done

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Trial 2 -- Retrieval
Step type : Group can be soloed by a level 4
Location : Begins at 27k 25k in Mesoe
Group make up : any thing you like can be soloed (if low level make a normal group with tanks and caster etc)
Note : is quick and easy to solo


1. Speak to the NPC named Lornas, she will waffle at you
2. When Lornas says Borjan can be found

  • "south and west of Mesothalassa", try at 24k, 44k Meso on a big rock.
  • "west in the Skylok terrority", try  5k, 20k Meso on top of a rock
  • "north, near Kitra Sanctuary" try 27k, 6.5k Meso  
  • "east in the Naxos territory" try 54k, 24k Meso near the large rock.  

3. go to the location of the mob find him he a straight up melee fight (he's blue con to a 50) kill him and step is done

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Trial 3 -- Greater Good
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 46k 58k Boreal
Group make up :N/A
Note : This can be soloed is very easy , don't expect your BG leader  to do it some leader do some don't its next to 1.10 if i have loads that need it ill swing by kill the blue con and his green con add /yawn (easy for a lvl50 but there may be a lvl 40 reju cleric that need it so i always do it at some point)


1. Have your BG swim down with you set up a PBAoE box around you 
2. pull the chief (he is blue con to a level 50) every thing else will aggro (about 20 to 30 green adds)
3. kill chief step done

Note :  the hard bit about this is the green adds some of them are casters and can be a pain just get people with range to take them out at range in 1 or 2 shots normally

note : this can be done solo or easy with a grp

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Trial 4 -- Barrier
Step type : Group
Location : 27k 31k Hesperos
Group make up : tank heavy with cleric and casters to deal with the adds
Note : After completing this trial a belt will be placed in the inventory of one of your group for the traps on trial 1.6
Respawn time :  20 - 45 minutes

1. In the sea weed on the ocean floor there is a mob named Fadrin surrounded by a barrier. 
2. Attack the barrier and once it has been destroyed,
3. kill the mob inside.  He is red con.

Note : The Barrier is immune to magic and yellow con but with lots of hp.

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Trial 5 - Conflict
Step type : Solo
Location : 50k 36k Anatole
Group make up : SOLO
Note : you can be grouped but only you may enter the arena however you can be healed and use FoH/FoP

1. Swim down until you see a cluster of mobs near the ocean floor. 
2. Off to the side is a mob named Lady Farahnaz.  Speak to her and get the quest. 
3. Then talk to Lord Krojer and challenge one of his minions,
Note : it does not matter which, each of them has some unique ability when you fight them. 

4. After you have challenged them, they will swim out into the open area. 
5. At that point you have 10 seconds to prepare for a fight. 
Note:If you kill one, you need only to speak to Lady Farahnaz again to get credit for the trial.  If you take the time to kill all the champions, you will receive a ring. 


have a cleric buff and heal you from outside of the arena
The mobs change to a level or two above the chalengers level
Champ 1 (Agnon): Agnon is a hunter. He has a spear, but is pretty easy. Agnon also has a pet crocodile,which cons blue
Champ 2 (Sethrender):  this one is a friar type.
Champ 3 (Xalarian): this one is one of the toughest in my opinion. It uses a lot of dex buffs and aoe mezzes, This champion can also teleport from one place to another inside of the arena.
Champ 4 (Jilena):  she has a 1 handed axe and a shield. Jilena's combat speed is very high, and it also has an instant dot.
Champ 5 (Malison): Malison is a cleric. I never saw it heal itself, but it was very easy. It had a shield, buffs sometimes, and does very good stuns.
Champ 6: (Regent): He has a 2 handed sword and some debuffs. the debuffs are the same level as the challenger

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Trial 6 -- Curses
Step type : battlegroups
Location : 41k 24k Anatole
Group make up :N/A
Note : You will need the belt and gem to stop the traps and AoE damage with these items this step is very easy


1.have every 1 stick to some 1 who has the gem and belt in there inventory
2. when you get to the mobs its a simple melee fight so ZERG away

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Trial 7 -- The Monument
Step type :  Battle group
Location : 35.5k 12k Anatole
Group make up :N/A
Note :the most important thing he is that the people on the pads stay on the pads the step will fail if the pads become empty


1.When you get to the location, there is a structure with several small circle pads on the perimeter. 
2. Have a person stand on each one of these pads and the encounter will begin. 
3.As long as people are standing on the pads, statues which becoming increasingly difficult and numerous spawn in the centre
4.  Eventually the final statue (
Rassa) will pop and once you have killed it, you receive credit for the encounter. 

1. PBAE method:
The easiest method by far. Using a couple different methods from AE stun, MoC, or a tank that can generate AE agro like a Paladin. Simply pound the statues into dust. Will need a healing class to keep an eye on the PBAoER of course.

2. Tank Method:
Simply put 2-4 tanks in the centre of the dome. Have the healers on the outside pads with one cleric roaming. Once they spawn proceed to take the statues apart. In this setup its good to have a roaming CC class that can stun, root, or mezz any statues that go after people on pads.

Good people to have on the pads:
Minstrels, Any casting class that is not PBAoE, Healers. Necros make exceptionally good pad people as they can usually pull a statue out and handle for a while if not solo it themselves.
People that should be in the middle

Tanks of any type and Pbaoe.
Good people to have roaming around:
1 Healer, any CC class, Stealther characters who can use the boundary of the circle to escape agro, any heavy nuking class as they can step on and step off.

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Trial 8 -- The Ruby
Step type : Battlegroup
Location : 15k 50k Notos
Group make up :N/A
Note :  have a scout pull


1. At the ocean floor are two different shark factions, hammerhead and azure. 
2. Azure sharks will spawn and rush to the ocean floor to pick up a ruby

Note :
(you will receive the message if you are close (about 2000 units) that says something to the effect that all the sharks in the area rush to grab the glowing ruby). 
3. When they are done fighting, one will have the ruby in its mouth
Note :
Looks like a caster shield being cast but dark red
4.  Pull that shark and it drops the ruby, pick it up and receive credit.


amount of rubies needed
1 group  = 4 rubies
2 groups = 3 rubies
3 to 5 groups = 2 rubies
5+groups -1 ruby
necro and bot -1 ruby

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Trial 9 -- The Crown
Step type : Battle group
Location : 33k 47k in Notos
Group make up :N/A
Note : if you get invisible harpy aggro while digging  get to water and dive


1. When you reach the loc, you will be in a sub zone called Desmona’s Island. 
at the  beach , have everyone in the raid type /dig in the general area or buy the token from the heavens
Note :
 You will be attacked by invisible forces here,
Eventually a person will dig up a token. 
Note : When that happens, the invisible forces appear. 
Kill all the harpies and keep digging until you have a few tokens. 
Move West to the ruins on the island. 
There you will see a giant harpy named
Desmona.  Kill her and get credit.


Desmona  is magic immune. 
At the end of this trial, you will get a crown that you can use in Trial 10.

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Trial 10 - Conquering the Sea
Step type : Battle group
Location : Cetus cave@ 57k, 6k in Meso
Group make up :N/A (tanks are good here)
Note : you should now have a crown, ring and mirror( see tips for there use)

you will need a ruby its good to have few space


1. Swim in, you will see Cetus.
2. Have the people with the mirrors and the rubies go into the big glowing sphere things,
3. start killing cetus

    Note : When a message says "cetus readies to go heal" , have the person use the ruby.    (they must be inside the orb)
4. keep going and repeating step 3 as needed
    Note : (see tips for how to use items, when to use them and what they do)


The ruby    (they must be inside the orb) 5 would get any bg though more peeps = less rubies
put it on your Qbar and use it like you would a water-breathing potion. 
  f you are a ruby bearer, remember you cannot use a ruby for 90 seconds after you use any other item.
The mirror    (they must be inside the orb) not realy needed
has two uses, have the people with the mirrors use it when Cetus is above 50% health, and it will summon orbs that attack Cetus.  
The second use of the mirror is to deflect the spell that Cetus casts, that is passive,
The ring (not really needed)
his item resets the aggro list making it easy for your tank to get the aggro back
The Crown (not really needed)
This item
teleports you to the dungeon entrance
DO NOT USE THEURGIST PETS. He aoe life taps and heals off of them. unless your bg is very large

see  servant necro tactic for servant necro tactics

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Raid finished


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