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Master Level Two Updated for 1.85

1  -  Death from Shadow
2  -  Stalking Terror
3  -  Triton Hoards
4  -  Rrionne's Reflection
5  -  Chath's Test of Strategy
6  -  Kanahkt Test of Tactics
7  -  Pick Your Poison
8  -  Stand Fast
9  -  Battle Masters
0 - Immortal Imposter

Average time to complete 90  minutes


for this raid you need, recommend buying them

Item Cost
The Stone Key 100g
Ampitheater key 100g
The Cellar Kay 100g
Hidden door opener  x2 100g
Kaletors Staff          x2 100g
Thao's Staff             x2 100g
Bulisss Sheild          x2 100g
Dimitri's sword         x2 100g

Pre Steps (what you should do with out the raid)

2.8 Stand Fast (solo, no key required)
2.5 Test of Strategy north gate key needed


Battle Group Step
The battle group should meet at Stygia Haven 30 minutes before the raid is due to leave, the steps should be done in the following order to speed things up a little.

Enter the temple of the Sobekite Eternal in Oceanus Boreal. Entrance is located at 15.7 x 15.4, underwater.

2.3 Triton Hoards
2.1 Death from Shadow
2.2 Stalking Terror
2.4 Rrionne's Reflection
2.7 Pick Your Posion
2.9 Battle Masters
2.6 Kanahkt Test
2.5 Test of Strategy (optional, since most groups should have done it)
2.10 Immortal Imposter   

Trial 1 - Death from Shadow

Step type : Battle Group
Location :
18k 19k in Sobekite Eternal
Group make up : N/A
Note :


1. Go to Alcove at Loc .  (You might try a few alcoves, see Tips.)
2.Have one person disband from the group. 
Note :He does not have to be wearing the crown  He needs to go sit in an alcove with his back to the wall, while everyone else waits in the main hallway.  You can still see the guy that is ungrouped, so you will see when the wall opens.
3. When the tunnel opens, have everyone run in. 
4. kill Ata


Kaa is in a random alcove, check these /locs
30k 20k
31k 15k
26k 10k
22k 10k
18k 15k
18k 20k

You can also purchase a "Sobekite Door Opener" which will open the secret door and let you run inside. (single use only)


Please note - It is not required to be solo in the alcove. The whole battlegroup can be standing there and the named mob will still spawn.  :) You also do not *need* to be wearing the crown

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Trial 2 - Stalking Terror

Step type : Battle Group
Location : 29k 19k or 19k 20k  in Sobekite Eternal
Group make up : N/A
Note : this step quite often happens at the same time as 2.1 with out ever trying

1. Go to Alcove at Loc .  (You might try a few alcoves, see Tips.)
2.Have one person disband from the group. 
Note :He does not have to be wearing the crown  He needs to go sit in an alcove with his back to the wall, while everyone else waits in the main hallway.  You can still see the guy that is ungrouped, so you will see when the wall opens.
3. When the tunnel opens, have everyone run in.  .
4. kill Shadow Reaver

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Trial 3 -  Triton Hoards
Step type : Battle Group
Location : Antron is at 13k 32k, Speos is at 26k 34k  in Sobekite Eternal
Group make up : N/A


1. After you zone in, go to loc 19.2k, 33.4k and swim straight up that hole. 
    Note :Then go east to the Speos room.  The Antron room is to the west. 
2. You are going to do a few things here in these two areas.  Mostly farm.
3. You are going to farm for the items that are needed for trial 9
4.  You are going to be farming for keys to the gates.  From these two areas, Speos and Antron,
    Note :you need the Cracked Key (aka Ampitheater Key), Stone Key, and Cellar Key. 
    Note : The assasins from Trial 1 and 2 also drop keys, so don't despair if you can't find all of them here.
5. You are going to kill a Chieftan to get credit for Trial 3.
    Note : the best way to get credit for this step is to set up a killing field and let your scout do the pulling to clearer the way to the mob


The one other thing you will be looking for from this encouter will be any keys that drop for the doors in the temple. And 4 items you need for later. unless you have purchased them

  • Kaletor's Staff
  • Buliss's Sheild
  • Dimitri's sword
  • Thao's Staff

Note: you can buy these items as per the 1.82 patch, so don't spend excessive time farming them.

the crown that is dropped here from the chief can be used for 2.1 and 2.2

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Trial 4 - Rrionne's Reflection
Step type : Battle Group
Location : Roams about in  Sobekite Eternal tunnels out of the water
Group make up : N/A
Note :


1. Kill the Reflection first. 
2.Then kill Rrionne.
Note : Rrionne drops the Key to the North Gate.



Rrionne pbaes, so keep your healers back

Watch out for the purple name mob, Arms master Chenzira, that roams and has 4-5 orange mobs with it.

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Trial 5 - Chath's Test of Strategy
Step type : The most people that can do it at once is 8.
Location : The North Gate door is at about 24k 9k  in Sobekite Eternal
Group make up : N/A
Note : 


This is a pre-step  done before the raid, 
    note : I urge people to do it if possible still, but with the near insta repop time of the chess pieces, that is not so necessary anymore,
.  Anyone who has not yet completed the trial can walk up to a chess piece
choose to associate themselves with it.  Each piece can be set to have different abilities. 
    Note: s
et up like this: Pawn - stun, Bishop - heal, King - command, Queen - drain, Knight - weaken, Rook - defend. 
    Note: s
et up like this: King-Heavy ,Queen-Drain ,Bishop-heal ,Rook-Defend ,Pawn-Stun , Knight - weaken
  Once all pieces have been given an ability, talk to Chath at the other end of the room. 
The pieces then duke it out using the abilities you gave them,
    Notewhen either king dies, the battle is over, if your king lives, you win.


How to do this solo:

This trial can be done with even 1 person, if you donít have a full group.  Just associate yourself with a piece and give it an ability, then disassociate yourself.  The piece will retain the ability you gave it. Associate yourself with the next piece and give it itís ability.  Do this until all pieces are taken care of, then talk to Chath. 


This is Random, you may have to try it a few different times or ways.  The commands listed here have worked for people, several times, but might not work for you the first time.

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Trial 6 - Kanakht Test of Tactics
Step type : Battle group
Location : The cracked ampitheater door at loc 25.4k, 20.1k in Sobekite Eternal
Group make up : N/A
Note :


1.Head into the amphitheater and
speak to Kanakht. 
He will bring to life the 4 statues one at a time. 
When each statue can be attacked, 20 or so orbs fly around the room
    Note : They start very low con but quickly gain levels until they get so high they will beat pants off your entire raid. 
    Note :  Usually though, I just ignore them, as I have enough people to kill the statue before they become a threat. 
    Note :  If you have a small raid (less than 2g) you may consider killing the orbs as quickly as possible
3.Kill all 4 and get credit.


for a small bg/grp

Keeping your bg in the corner hallway inside the ampitheater as you pull the statues to the BG will keep the eidolons from exploding, a good tactic to use if you have a small bg

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Trial 7 - Pick Your Poison
Step type : battlegroup group and solo
Location : Its in the cellar at loc 30.0k, 15.0k, go down several flights of stairs to get there in Sobekite Eternal.
Group make up : N/A
Note :This trial has 3 versions,  Fear, you do solo, Terror is described as being for a single group, Horror is for a battlegroup. 


Fear: a path in the next room is opened underwater.  If you can make it to the end (its filled with mobs) in the time limit, you get credit for the encounter.  With stealth this is a joke.  Anyone else will have to fight a lot of mobs on the way.

Terror: several red con croc-men spawn with smoke clouds in the room.  Just pull everything in there and you get credit.  This is the 1g step.

Horror: A high level NPC spawn, kill him.  This is the BG encounter.


about a 45 minutes respawn on this

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Trial 8 - Stand Fast
Step type : Solo
Location : South Gate at 19k 22k in Sobekite Eterna
Group make up : N/A
Note :  is very easy


1. Walk into it and speak to Amenemhat. 
2. Eventually he will fly up to the top of the room, and you have to run up the spiral ramp to reach him. 
3. Stick against the wall on your way up or you will agro deep purple crocodiles. 
4. Once up there, when you step onto the pad he will attack you. 
    Note : This mob takes on the same characteristics of whatever class you are.
5. kill mob step done (see tips for help)


step off the pad start fighting if he winning step back of the edge for a few seconds and get back to it keep repeating till he's dead

To use a healer to help, have the healer go up the first set of stairs the the foot of the second stairs but no further. From that spot a group heal can affect the user on the top platform at the very edge of the platform. It helps to stay in range if the fighter try's to fight Amenemhat on the south edge of the platform. Note that this is right at the edge of the range of the spell, so watch health to make sure it hits.

If your doing this with a gimped naked level 40 character, have a ml3 Perfector run up first and drop a heal font on the platform for you.

You can also have a cleric stand halfway up and spam group heals to keep you alive while your fighting him, just make sure they don't go too far up.

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Trial 9 - Battle Masters
Step type : Battlegroup
Location : Stone Gate at 25.3, 21.7
Group make up : N/A
Note :There are four items required for this trial.

  1. Kaletor's Staff
  2. Buliss's Sheild
  3. Dimitri's sword
  4. Thao's Staff


speak with Onuris and give him the items

1. Engage grape mob (heavy tank mob),
2. ignore yellow mob ( light tank)
3. assist on the red mobs since they are pbaer and rooter.
    Note : Try kill pbaer first then rooter then light tank then last heavy tank. keep healers aways from red mobs.  


make sure you get every to assist on the red mobs or the bg might wipe

BUG notice: having lead lots of raids i know tend to do this encounter 1st due to it bugging and sometimes only giving a quarter of the bg credit and even after /grantcredit i have still had peeps missing credit, so i would say buy some items just in case you need to repeat

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Trial 10 -Immortal Imposter
Step type : Battlegroup
Location : zone out to 2.10
Group make up : N/A
Note: make sure your bg listen to you here


When you out make you way round watch out for the edge (but if you fall you can speak to the npc on the west side underwater to be ported back up)

once your all out side the door/hole in the wall set up campfires /fop for clerics

 Note : spaming heals for out side will not get any aggro



1. form a grp with 3 tanks 3 clerics and a couple of nukers yet the 3 tanks go in and aggro the mob casters stay at the door way nuking adds giving the tanks DS and other such earth buffs

2. focus kill it standard tactics for focus killing have others kill adds from outside

Tip 1. something i have been testing and it works with either tanks or necro it take the killing time down to about 3 mins may-be less. it is simple really get a therg and a fop cleric (if you dont have a fop cleric use therg and tinder box) to go in and jump up on the ledge near the port stone, get tanks/necro to pull boss and move it away from the therg and cleric when you comphy let the therg spam pets (a few air pets to stun boss (with 70% power i normally did to about 60% then switch to earth pets. 

Tip 2. if the bg goes in side it will set of nasty spike traps

Note: theres no snakes to worry about any more and harpy airlines have also been removed


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Trial 11 -Killing for XP
doing rvr is by far the most fun way to get mlxp  you can also help with ml and arties

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Raid finished


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