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Master Level Four Updated for 1.85

1 - Sting
2 - Storms
3 - Roar
4 - Lost Goddess
5 - Masters of the Desert
6 - Ghillan
7 - Portal
8 - Blood
9 - Oasis
10 - The Rising Pyramid
11 - Killing for XP
Average time to complete  50 to 120 miutes


for this raid you need, recommend buying them

Item Cost
Bloodstone 200g
Crystallized Ghillan eye 200g
Eye of Ra 200g

Radiant sunstone

Sandstone 200g
Storm Crystal 200g
jeweled Khepri scarab 200g
Blood of daehien 200g
Marid Figurine 200g

Pre Steps (what you should do with out the raid)

4.1 Colossal
4.3 Eye of Ra, Roar
4.4 Valuable Stone (solo)

Battle Group Step

4.2 Fortress of Storms
4.5 Jann
4.6 Oukesson
4.7 Iter Statues
4.8 Daehien
4.9 Gaurmaes
4.10 Matikhoras

Trial 1 - Sting
Step type :
Location :
3k, 17k SD/  28k,7k SD / 5k,25k LoA/ 37k,45k SD/ 36k,24kSD/  7k.11k SD/  26k,26k SD
Group make up : tank cleric and damage output
Note :


1. set up camp with any goodies fop DI
2. get tank to pull big scorpion mob (colossal)
3. normal fight let tank build up aggro then throw all your damage at it
4. kill the mob step done

He drops a Bloodstone, which is needed for the Crocodile Statues. 

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Trial 2 - Storms
Step type : Battle group
Location : SD
Group make up : 4 full groups to make it easy less than 4 fg and it gets hard
Note : the key here is getting people to listen and organisation


1. with 4 groups set teams a b c and d
2. tell the groups to all follow you to town/camp 1 zerg the camp then the town
3. tell team D to stay here and keep killing the mobs that mob (the town must stay on fire)
4. teams A B C now move to town/camp 2 zerg the camp then the town
5. tell team C to stay here and keep killing the mobs that mob (the town must stay on fire)
6. teams A B now move to town/camp 3 zerg the camp then the town
7. tell team B to stay here and keep killing the mobs that mob (the town must stay on fire)
8. teams A now move to FoS
9. Start clearing FoS
10. when FoS about 80% clear tell team D to start moving to FOS
11. when FoS about 90% clear tell team C to start moving to FOS
12. when FoS about 95% clear tell team B to start moving to FOS
13. by the time all 3 teams get to Fos it should be clear
14. next move to the temple and go inside
15. Inside the temple is Seti the Pharaoh and his personal guards
16. It is pretty straightforward from that point: kill Seti's guards, then kill Seti.


When killing Seti, if he is in the wall, you MUST pull him out and no pets or dot's on him just in case.  

it is now possible to zerg the main fort with a large zerg

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Trial 3 - Roar
Step type : Group
Location : wanders all over Atum on the south side of the river.
Group make up : standard grp with mixture of tanks and caster will do fine
Note : watch out for his roar


1. A named lion,
Tutankhsekhmet, wanders around with several other yellow con lions. 
2. Find him
3. kill him get tank to pull use CC to deal with his adds and assist train on the adds
4. picking up the stone he drops. 
5. As soon as he dies, a massive AE spell will be set off, killing anyone in the area. 
Note : Make sure you get the stone, then run away as fast as you canAn Eye of Ra drops, which you need for Trial 7.


T spawns (about a 1-hour spawn time I believe) near the blazing scarabs at 57k,44k LoA. However, he then heads in a westerly direction wandering constantly. We have also found him near 38k,44k, 26k,42k,  To find him  head to 57/44, then raom towards 38k, 44 and back

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Trial 4 -Lost Goddess
Step type : group
Location : they raom LoS and SDthe south side of the river
Group make up : any thing but some AoE CC is nice
Note : you need to pick up the Radiant Sunstonefor credit


1. find the camp
2. if you have scout get him to find the green con mob and pull it at max range
3. when you pull the mob you rest of the camp will add
4. when you kill the mob make sure you pick up the stone
5. once you have credit you have two choice fight or run (both can end up in death so i normally fight)
6. if you chose to fight set up PBAoE box
tanks guard your cleric and caster class's as you need them to take out the adds spaming AoE mezz help lots


All must be alive when stone is picked up to get credit for the encounter. 

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Trial 5 - Masters of the Desert
Step type : battle group
Location : Located at 36/48 LoA
Group make up : N/A
Note : Tanks on mob casters on adds


1. This one is relatively easy when you are prepared before hand for it.
2. Set all tanks on Jamaluddin, and had PBAE focused on him as well.
    Note : Tanks should stay on the named mob, even when he transforms himself into a whirlwind, and all casters should focus on the other whirlwinds.


Respawn time seems to be random, we saw him repop after 20 minutes and also after 8 minutes.   Feb 15
A Gem of Absorption (for Trial 6) and a Sandstone (for Trial 7) drop.

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Trial 6 - Ghillan
Step type :  battle group
Location : 16k 24k LoA
Group make up :  N/A
Note :To complete this trial someone MUST have the Gem of Absorption  from Jamaluddin, on trial 4.5.


1. The person holding this Gem must equip it in their right hand weapon slot. 
2. Once equipped, the Gem must be placed in the Qbar where it can be used
3.  The Gem can be used once every six seconds, and is not destroyed or removed from inventory once it has been used; it remains equipped and in inventory.
    Note : the Gem user should move close to Oukesson and repeatedly USE the Gem 
4.  So long as the Gem is used every six seconds, Oukesson is unable to multiply when damaged.  As long as his multiplying ability is disabled,
5. he is a easy fight, and can be damaged in ways most purple-con mobs are able to be damaged.


A Crystalized Ghillian Eye drops, which you need for Trial 7.

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Trial 7 -Portal
Step type : battle group
Location :
Group make up :
Note :Putting a single stone in a statue gets the entire  BG credit. in order to get to Trial 8, all six heads have to be turned to the Pyramid, so you will need all 6 stones.


get the BG to wait near the pyramid and get 1 group to do this (is a good place to give the BG an afk loo brake)

the stones come from :
1) Radiant Sunstone - drops from mau nomads, the Miw-Shesekhmet   4.4
2) Eye of Ra - drops from named Lion  
3) Bloodstone - drops from Colossal  
4) Sandstone - drops from Jamaluddin (ML 4.5)   
5) Crystalized Ghillian Eye - drops from Oukesson  
6) Storm Crystal - drops from the Seti Pharoh 

Which Stone goes with which Statue:

The six stones, in west-to-east order of corresponding statues, alternating north and south of the river:
Crystalized Ghillian Eye - 4.6
Sandstone - 4.5
Radiant Sunstone - 4.4
Eye of Ra - 4.3
Storm Crystal - 4.2
Bloodstone - 4.1  

a.) Take the stone to the correct statue
b.) Place the stone in the statue niche at which point you receive "You unlock the statue" message.
c.) Click the statue niche again.

Note : you must perform the final step to turn the croc head and receive credit.

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Trial 8 - Blood
Step type : Battle Group
Location : Located on top of the pyramid after all statues from trial 7 are activated.
Group make up :
Note :


1. When all the statues have turned to face the pyramid, a portal will be opened on top of the pyramid. 
2.  Step inside and you will be taken to a valley otherwise unreachable in Stygian Delta. 
3. Once you are there, you will see a ton of snakes guarding a path. 
    Note : When you agro the snakes, they explode causing AE damage to anyone in the area. 
4. Have a few tanks run down the centre of the path clearing all the snakes until you see the big one
    Note : heretic monster rezz work a treat here
     Note :  Daehien drops a vial of blood which can be used in trial 4.9. 
5. As soon as you attack him the other snakes start circling him, in circles that grow tighter and tighter.
6. Get all your melee inside the circle before it closes, make sure all casters/healers are OUTSIDE the circle.
7. Then just melee him down.

Note before entering the portal release all pets. Keep the /bg together when moving through the snakes, the closer everyone is to the boss mob when you get there the easier it is.

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Trial 9 -Oasis
Step type : battle group
Location : 22 32k LoA At the base of the pyramid
Group make up :
Note :


1. Mob Called
Gaurmaes spawns for a set interval each day, though if he is not up,
you can “use” the blood you received from 4.8 to force him to spawn.  see note about this
During the fight, he will summon tornado pets which cause AE damage to the raid. 
    Note :
He also rarely uses a 2500 damage PBAE spell,
 Note : He drops a Marid Figurine which is used to open the door for 4.10. 


If he is up, get 1 tank to attack him, then 5 seconds later, have the entire /bg zerg him
If he isn't up get the entire /bg in the water at the bottom. Have 1 tank /use the blood then try to live for 8-10 seconds. Then have the /bg zerg him
Using the blood with the entire /bg stood around you = comedy

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Trial 10 -The Rising Pyramid
Step type : battle group
Location : Go inside the Pyramid to the gates
Group make up : N/A
Note : use the pillar to weaken him take the end fight for 30 minutes to 20 seconds:)


1. Go inside the Pyramid to the gates.
    Note : When the person with the figurine in their inventory steps on the "pad" in front of the door, everyone will get a broadcast that there are "clicks" beneath that person. Have that person /use the figurine  and thus unlocking the pyramid doors and opening the way.

1. Have everyone buff up
2.clear the two purple sphinx like things near the entrance,
3. go inside.
    Note :Do NOT charge the room.
4. If you can, pull the small mobs and kill them first.
5. Then pull Martikhoras to the centre of the room and put shield tanks on him with pbt.
6.Everyone else start hacking away at the pillars/obelisks. They start at 200% hp so if it doesn't go down immediately don't worry.
    Note : Make sure Martikhoras is underneath the pillars when they fall, as this will weaken him.
7. do this with all the pillars
    Note : the more pillar that hit him the easier the end fight is
8. zerg him

the line on the floor show where the pillar will fall so make sure the mob is on the spots for each pillar

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Trial 11 - Killing for XP

11: Summoner's Hall may be a good place to look, as well as the depths of the ocean.

Help others on lower ML trials. I got about 60% MLxp for 4.11 just helping with two ML3 raids and one ML2. 

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Raid finished


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