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Master Level Six Updated for 1.85

1 - Hunt for the Haje-Uraei
2 - Sacrifice
3 - Lateef
4 - Infestation
5 - Flames
6 - Siraadi
7 - Ankhkare
8 - Efreet
9 - Fortress
10 - Chimera's Fortification
11 - Dragonslayer
Average time to complete 2 hours using 3 to 4 groups


for this raid you need, recommend buying them

Item Cost
Salamander Ash 300g
Siam-he-head 300g
Uraeus Tail 300g
Lateefs sacrificail dagger 300g

Pre Steps
6.5 Flames buy 20 frozen cold glands of 5s each
6.1 Hunt for the Haje-Uraei
Battle Group Step's

6.4 Pallida-uraei
6.2 Sacrifice
6.6 Siraadi
6.3 Lateef
6.7 Ankhkare
6.8 Efreet
6.9 Vazul
6.10 Chimera

Trial 1 -Hunt for the Haje-Uraei
Step type : group
Location : see tips
Group make up : tank healer caster type group
Note : can solo if you can take a red find it is some time harder than kill it


You need to kill a haje-uraei, a red con snake mob.

1. when you find the mob set up camp
2. have tank pull snake and get aggro
3. caster join in kill sanke
step done

Note :The mob VERY vulnerable to Cold.
Note : These seem to be random spawn from player deaths. when players die you get a message, “an ureas springs to life from ****’s lifeless body!” some times you get a message saying “there is a strange hissing noise but nothing can be seen” the final message is “a haje-ureai springs to life from ***’s lifeless body”.

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Trial 2 - Sacrifice
Step type : battle group
Location : see tips
Group make up :
Note : straight up melee mob easy fight with tanks and clerics


1. easy step find mob and ZERG it
2. send in tanks first
    Note : has high HP but hits like a pussy can double hit should not prove a problem for a group or more

Note :A broadcast will occur when the Anathemic Salamander is spawned after a non-Siam-he is sacrificed by Siam-he: "The earth trembles violently in response to the heinous act that has been committed! A curse has been unleashed upon Volcanus!"

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Trial 3 - Lateef
Step type : battlegroup
Location : around 57, 50 TR
Group make up :N/A
Note : long 15 minute step at least


1. click on Lateef and click  'home'
    Note : He walks extremely slow, it take's him about 15 minutes
2. The fastest route to take lateef home is to the south hugging the lava,
    Note : avoid the deep purple village mobs and the plebians that spawn near the bridge for the Snatcher's
    Note :The bridge you are looking for is a large arch bridge with no Tuars on it,
3. Once Lateef gets near the bridge, he hits speed 5 or so and runs up the bridge.
    Note :He will die, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, and that's OK.
4. Three purple-con mobs will attack you
    Note : one uses an AE DoT and will heal,
    Note : one is a mezzer with 1:12s/400 radius mez,
    Note : one is a really, really tough melee mob.
    Note : Take The shaman-type mob and the sorcerer mob
5. assist on the sorcerer mob (Fadil )
    Note :first since even if we got mezzed, the other mob would break the mez.
6. assist on the shaman mob (Udaji)
7. Assist on Sutekh and took him down.

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Trial 4 -Infestation
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 9K, 24K TR
Group make up :N/A
Note : easy for a group so a bg should just zerg it

1. find mob set up camp
    Note :  Broadcast message "A hissing noise is heard throughout Volcanus"  when the mob pops
2. attack to around 20%
    Note :  the mob should split (you need to let it split or no credit will be given)
3. the mob splits in to 3 assist on each one of the splits
step done

have had reports (not test my self )that You get credit even if the mob doesn't split, zerging it is fine.
this drop's is the Uraeus Tail used for Trial 7.

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Trial 5 - Flames
Step type : Solo
Location : 18k 28k TR
Group make up : N/A
Note :Give the cold glad to Crazed Adventurer, dont leave the area when farming the glad as they disappear


1. get 20 glands and
2. give them to the NPC, he will put out the fire's
    Note : you have 1 minute to get the parts
3. get the parts from of the pillars
    Note :use one of the items to make the gun (Salamander Incinerator)
4. kill the salamander.
    Note : click on the Livid Salamander, and use the Salamander Incinerator by putting it on your Qbar


 Warning:  waiting to hit OK does not buy you more time!  You have 60 seconds from the time the pop-up box popped. 

 Note :

only 1 member of the group need to get the items and kill the sally so 20 gland per group ant that bad now

 This drops is the Salamander Ash which can be used for Trial 7.

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Trial 6 - Siraadi
Step type : Battle group
Location : 25k, 40k TR
Group make up :N/A
Note :

    Note : First of all, the mobs on the platform are not linked, it is just that they are extremely social
    Note :You do NOT want the whole platform coming on your first pull,
    Note :so stand back away from the platform
1. designate  a battle grouped puller
2. start depopulating the platform
    Note : drag the aggroed mobs far enough back that they are out of the call for help radius.
    Note :  the mobs do NOT repop on the platform, instead they run in from the rest of Volcanus.

    Note : It is recommend having a character or two pull any mobs running to the platform
3. Eventaully the named mob Siraadi will pop,
4. Just pull him off the platform to the same pulling area and kill
    Note : credit is rewarded regardless of where he dies


It takes a while after the platform is cleared for the mob to spawn. If you have someone in your /bg who doesn't need credit for this, they can go get the 6.3 NPC while you wait for the pop to speed the raid up. (or grant them credit for 6.6 once they arrive with the 6.3 mob at the bridge).

This  drop is the Siam-he head which is used for Trial 7.

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Trial 7 - Ankhkare
Step type : Battle Group
Location :  12k, 50k AI
Group make up :N/A
Note : you needsalamander ash (
6.5), the siam-he head (6.6) and the uraeus tail (6.4) for the three guardians.


1. talk to the mob (Give the first guardian the Uraeus Tail)
    Note :The firefield, if you hit it, is like a huge radius, insanely high damage Volcanic Pillar-
    Note : keep the bg away from the toon talking to the guardian in case of accidental  firefielded.  
    Note : Have your /effects all  on in order to see the firefield so you don't run into it!.
    Note : that each swarm of mobs will aggro the person talking to the guardian when the firefields drop, 

    Note :make sure your healers are ready to heal that person talkinmg. 
2. Kill all the mobs, 
3. move on to the next guardian.  
4. talk to the mob (Give the this guardian the Siam-he head)
5. Kill all the mobs, 
6. move on to the final mob Ankhkare ,
    Note : there are three low-purple/high red adds an the main mob himself.
7.  pull just behind the spot of one of the adds, setting up wards there and what not.
    Note :Here, it is important than your melees stick together in the same spot, because the AE root-nuke will prevent them from getting in melee range if they are not all bunched up.
8. be sure to assist here kill mobs off and steps is done

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Trial 8 -Efreet
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 26k, 52k
Group make up :N/A necros passing power to cleric and tanks here are what is mostly needed
Note :


1.Clear out all the mobs around the area.
2. Then you go to the center, talk to the guy,
3. Take the challenge,
    Note : Orb is easy. but hey have a shed load of HP
    Note : on top of every pillar spawns a purple mob that chain bolts you.
    Note :  tanks on the pad caster of the pad spread out dealing with adds
4. cleric with large number of tanks should use group heal and stand in FoP with necro passing them power is easy that way
5. Casters should /assist on the adds at the top of the pillars.

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Trial 9 -Fortress
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 26.5k, 11K
Group make up :N/A
Note :

1. Set up FoP and FoH at the bottom of the ramp outside gate 1.
2. Set up the ram and pet spam fool bbow users ect on door. 
3. every 1 else Drag and stack agro in the power/heal fields for pbae.
    Note : have clerics far enough away to avoid the 3000pt pbae if it triggers when the door drops far away of the ramp about 1.5 k units
4. once the door is down 1 of 4 effect will happen (see tips)
5. set up FoP and FoH at the bottom of the ramp inside gate 1.
6. keep pulling mobs into the fields for pbae until you feel you have the aggro under control.
7. get fools bow users and petspam on the inner door
8. if you feel comfatble have a ram group on the inner door move to step 9 if not goto step
9. set up FoP and FoH  below the upper steps to door 2 on the platform.
10. set up ram on the door.
11. Pull agro into the pbae again.
    Note : Just before the 2nd door goes down you want to have everyone get off that platform quickly in case the 3000pt pbae triggers. You have to time it so you can get back in your heal/power fonts at the door as quick as possible.
12. From here we started pulling agro out.
13. Tanks should put priority on taunting the purple con lancers since they're pretty badass.
    Note :The orange cons fall to pbae pretty fast.
14. clear the room try to kill the teleporter mobs first


Currently most have only seen 3 effects when you enter the first door
1. PBAoE for 3k
2. Army Attacks
3. Battler Spawns
4.turned into pigs

bring RAMS  pet sapm and fools bow for the doors .

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Trial 10 - Chimera's Fortification
Step type : Battle Group
Location : AI
Group make up : tank heavy and pet spam 2tehwin
Note :

1. when approaching 6.10 move round to the back by hugging the right hand wall
2. killing aggro as you go
3. when you get to the back set up FoP (no FoH here)
4. kill the other mobs here
5. once all the other mobs have been clear get DI's and onther goodies running

6. attack Chimera tanks go in first then pet spam
    Note : watch out for  occasional PBAE mezzes.
7. caster deal with any adds
    Note : try to drop one determination node near the tanks
8. kill it
9. ml 6 done

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