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Master Level Eight  Updated for 1.85

1 - Agne's Crystal
2 - Agne's Shield
3 - Agne's Sword
4 - Centaur's Hunt
5 - Treasure of the Cyclops
6 - Agne's Will
7 - Agne's Might
8 - Gorgon's Secret
9 - Agne's Spare Arm
10 - Agne's Great Might

Average time to complete 1 hours using 3 to 4 groups


for this raid you need, recommend buying them

Item Cost
talos power crystal 400G

Pre Steps

8.4 Centaur's Hunt
8.7 Torso, Agne's Might
8.9 Agne's Spare Arm
Save all the pieces you get.

About Preparing for Kratos, 8.5:
you can just zerg him now

Battle Group Step's
The battle group should meet at Areus Haven 30 minutes before the raid is due to leave, the steps should be done in the following order to speed things up a little.

8.6  Agne's Will
8.1  Agne's Crystal
8.3  Agne's Sword
8.2  Agne's Shield
8.5  Treasure of the Cyclops
8.8  Gorgon's Secret
8.10 Talos's Temple

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Trial 1 - Agne's Crystal
Step type : Battle Group
Location :  17k 24k GG and 6k 39k GG
Group make up :
Note : kill 12 statues and bisul


The encounter itself is pretty simple. Once you aggro Bisul, his statues will attack. Kill all 3 statues with Bisul, and he will run away toward another set of statues. Kill these 3 statues, and he will run away again. You must kill FOUR sets of statues before killing Bisul. After all the statues are dead, have your BG focus on meleeing Bisul down.

Bisul drops Agne's Control Crystal, which used to be used for trial 8.10 but is now part of an uneccessary step.

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Trial 2 - Agne's Shield
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 15k 60k AG
Group make up :
Note kill lots of statues key is assisting


Bring your BG to the temple and have them set up their fonts in the doorway. When they are set up, walk around and find the small statue which is right-clickable. Right click it while standing next to it and choose to read the inscription on the statue. It and the others identical to it will come alive. Bring them to your BG and have them kill the statues.

Repeat this step with the other statues which will become right clickable each time you kill a wave. The last statue is Lord Tholos, who hits rather hard and has a pretty big glowing sword.

When Lord Tholos dies, you will recieve Agne's Shield, which used to be used in 8.10 but is now part of an unnecessary step.

Bug tip

On very rare occassions, I have seen a statue activated without a person activating him (General Tholos) this statue will attack you, but because hes not activated, you can't attack back! Simply /s yes to activate him (yes, while hes attacking you) and then you can kill him. A very very very rare bug.

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Trial 3 - Agne's Sword
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 43.2k 47.8k GG
Group make up :


Ibn is a djinn that can be found at 43200k 47800k Green Glades.

Ibn is a little tricky but a well informed BG will have no problem killing him.

The most important thing to remember and inform your BG of is:

  1. set the bg on the hill have 1 person talk to ibn and get a key
  2. use the key on the chest at the far left

    if agnes sword pops go to step

    If the chest's are still the you picked the wrong chest go to step4 and repeat till agnes sword pops the go to step 4

  3. speak to ibn and get another key the use the key on the next one in from the left
  4. zerg ibn

       if he splits get the bg back to the hill any one with aggro  should just sit down and die


While fighting Ibn, he will likely split and turn into several tornadoes, still called "Ibn". When this happens, anyone who has aggro from the whirlwinds must immediately move DOWN THE HILL AWAY FROM THE BG, and DIE. Have rezzers wait until Ibn reforms to rezz the dead, and then start killing him again. Everytime he comes back he will have a little less health.

  • Please note - due to the amount of procs likely to be found on a raid, it is usually impossible to keep Ibn from splitting at least once unless you had everyone fight him naked, which is ... NOT a good idea :p

When Ibn dies, you will recieve Agne's Sword, which used to be used in 8.10 but is now part of an unnecessary step.


air therg pets stun ibn and help stop him splitting

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Trial 4 - Centaur's Hunt
Step type : Group
Location : 10k 55k GG
Group make up : 3 tanks 3 casters 2 cleric(healers)
Note :  try to get some who has this step to help your group


  1. Set up on the each off the area

  2. Get pull the chief try to pull the one with the tank adds

  3. box the adds up and pbaoe/aoe them

  4. make sure any caster mobs are engaged ASAP

  5. if things are looking bad make sure to kill the chief for credit

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Trial 5 - Treasure of the Cyclops
Step type : Battle Group
Location : Kratos (you will all so need to go to meso for a ketos fillet

Find Kratos in Arbor Glen. He can usually be found around the area of Agne's Battleground (35k, 37k Arbor Glen) Have your BG zerg him. You will likely get more cyclops adds while killing Kratos. Top Of Page

Trial 6 - Agne's Will
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 52k 17k GG


1. when you find dawar
2. kill the
Controlled statue
3. kill Dawar

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Trial 7 - Agne's Might
Step type : Group
Location : 35k 10 GG
Group make up : 3 tanks 1 icewizzy 2 caster 2 clerci (healers)


1. set up your camp with FoP
2. pull some self-sustaining statues
3. assist tarin on them and get them in to a PBAoE bow
4. repeat step 2 and 3 till to you get a message saying"You have found Agne's torso!"

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Trial 8 - Gorgon's Secret
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 58k 58k AG
Group make up : N/A


1. kill the mobs is the order L, G, Q , M and then Kynthia
2. Set up a PBAoE box and get the mobs in there this way ne summoned snake die quick
3. credit will be given when Kynthia dies

Notes :

since toa TOA nerf you can go straight for the boss mob as the summoned snakes dont hit for much

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Trial 9 - Agne's Spare Arm
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 13k 10k AG
Group make up : N/A


Strategy: A set of ruins to the north of this loc contains several large statues. Basically pull out 2 at a time, tank them down gradually from outside until one of your group can get safely to the chests in the middle. Dont try to get to the chests before killing all the mobs on the south side, a pop up will tell you to bugger off and do it right, stealthing in also doesnt work.

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Trial 10 - Agne's Great Might
Step type : Battle Group
Location : 35k 37k AG
Group make up :


if you buy a talos power crystal

In the past, it was necessary to first fight Agne's Army before proceeding to the Temple of Talos. This is no longer a needed step. Purchase a Talos Control Crystal from the merchant in Aerus Haven, as this is all you need :)

Proceed to Talos' Temple, which is located in the center of the far zone wall in Arbor Glen. Have your BG set up in the temple entrance, up the stairs.

Inform your BG of the following: There is an inlaid circle on the floor of the temple. It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep Talos WITHIN this circle, but as close to the front of the temple as possible. This will keep his healing statues in the back from becoming active and healing him.

To start the encounter, you must have a Talos Control Crystal in your inventory. Walk up to the head imbedded in the floor, right click it to put the crystal in, and back up and enjoy the show as Talos, God of Storms, comes to life :)

PRE 1.85 or if you didnt buy a talos power crystal

1. You first turn the parts into the constructor
     Note : set up camp at field in front
he will build Agne
3. t
hen Agne will walk down the steps and summon 3 waves of armies.
4. kill these wave a key will drop
5. go rond back to a room that is now open use the key to
get a crystal to bring Talos to life.
    Note :
You MUST pick up the item, it does not automatically go in anyone's pack. 
    Note :
Once you get the crystal the door to that room will close and lock you in.
    Note :
Just talk to the sphinx in that room and he will port you out. 
    Next :
You can do /s ask.  This gets you outside the fastest especially if  noobs r are spamin the sphinx.
6. Get everyone with you and move to the big floating building that's visible from there.
  When you get to Talos, you will find him in a circular open-air chamber.  
If you are holding Talos's crystal and you walk to the center of the room, the encounter will begin
    Note :
 There is a "ring" in the tile work on the floor.  KEEP HIM IN IT
9. Once you have gotten a good hold of aggro on Talos, atleast 10% down or more,
send the  casters and some tanks to the two healer statues in the back corners of the chamber.
Drop a FoP at each one, and kill the statues fast.
Kill one and then the other.
 Talos will attempt to move to defend the statues so you need to kill them fast.
    Note :
all your healers should be in a FoP though out battle.
Talos hits for around 3000 pts.
So you either need to spamm heals or rezz and rezz and rezz and rezz. 
Once the healer statues are down, he will drop alot faster.



if you have a big bg just zerg him

Get tanks to get aggro on Talos, then send theurgs round the back to petspam, Drop a FOP where the theurgs are and keep him facing away from them to get pets to last longer.

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Trial 11 - Legendary Dungeons

ml xp help on ml raid go rvr do arties

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