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Guild Code Of Conduct

  1. Always help others in the guild and alliance when possible
  2. Never bring the guild name down (ie beg steal or any thing like this), Any member bringing the guild name down will be removed form the guild
  3. Never use forums (i.e. Freddy's house) to try and resolve disputes in game
  4. Always try to be helpful and friendly to guild members and non guild member
  5. Always try to come on guild events as and when possible
  6. If your have a problem in guild speak to one of the officers, if they cant help of its about them speak to one of the Co GMs and finally if they cant help of its about them speak to one of the GMs if its one of us try speak to one of the other GMs (please never just /gc quit ) as most problems can be sorted :)
  7. Never break Alliance chat rules
  8. If you need some thing DO NOT SPAM AS or GU (try not to use /AS between 5pm and midnight)
  9. If someone asks you to stop talking about a subject in Guild Chat please do so (take it to a Chat Group)
  10. HAVE FUN !!!!!
  11. NO items to be pre-claimed on raids, (only exception is if you post please help me get this artie as that is what your doing by pre-claiming arties but your making it look like peeps are getting something and they aren't)

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