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the guild rules

  1. Don't beg for money
  2. Don't ask for power leveling in guild chat
  3. Don't fight in Guild Chat
  4. No Talk of Sexual nature or Cursing before 9pm GMT (even in jest)
  5. No insulting other player for fun or other wise in Guild Chat
  6. Remember no one is better than any one else (this includes GMs , CO GMs and Officers)
  7. Always remember its a game.
  8. Don't ask for power levels in guild chat (as none will be give to those that do if you want a guild power level the pm a gm and offer a donation for the power level)
  9. Do not bring the guild name down in any form
  10. Do not steal arties (if there is a dispute over an artifact take screen shot email them to us and pm there GM DO NOT POST ON FREDDY'S HOUSE)
  11. If your doing an artifact and some asks to join for credit and you have room let them (this does not mean you have to let them roll for it unless this is decided before hand)
  12. Last but not least when use the alliance channel please do so with respect best advice is Don't use it between 5pm and midnight useless it's about rvr, master level, or arties.

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