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Pinkey and zeus raid rules

 Don't upset the raid leader, there tempers are short, they are most likely drunk or getting there, and they are known to be slightly unbalanced.

Be on time, the raid WILL leave no later than 15 min after the announced scheduled raid time. Don't wait to do your solo/group steps and think you will catch up. You will not and We won't wait. If you arrive late, you may try and reach us but we will not come get you or repeat steps that you missed.

 Easy does it on the bots. I won't make the raid wait because your bot lagged and got killed or lost stick. On this note.. easy on the /afks. I realize that rl issues pop up, but you will need to realize that we cannot wait for everyone's emergencies. I will make it a point to have /afk times or if you wish you can request it at reasonable intervals.

You are required to do ALL the solo/group/bg prequest steps that are announced before arriving to be grouped at the raid meeting place. Failure for you to complete these is totally your own fault and I will not hold up the raid for you to finish a step.

You are responsible for finding out the steps that I list that will be required to be completed before the start of the raid. Showing up at the raid and saying that you didn't know about group steps is not acceptable. We always give more than ample info on how to complete what you will need.

 Loot will be done at the end of the raid at a designated and announced spot. Loot split starts right after the raid.  Usually at the spot of the final boss mob, but sometimes will be at the Haven at which we began.  Don't /release assuming we will meet elsewhere, when in doubt - ask. (if you don't like it don't come )

MP items and Scrolls will /random (100/1000) highest roll picks 1st then down the list.  if I don't see the roll it does not count, if the roll is before the raid leader's /yell or after the second /yell it will not be included.  Loot limits will be set at the raid depending on the number of people we have in attendance.  As will apply to all raids, if there are items that are unclaimed or unable to be claimed, due to class/spec restrictions, those items will be donated to the Grace and Dignity guild.


 Don't whine/grump/gripe. All of us are here to help everyone get these steps. You are not the focus of attention here. If you try to become it by violating rule number 1, you will be booted from the raid. 

 No name calling.  It is unnecessary/disrespectful and will not be tolerated.  Please don't try my patience on this or you will violate rule number 1 and be removed from the /bg.

 Please understand that while your suggestions for alternative ways to run the steps may be sound, if I do not take your advice, please just accept that gracefully.  I am by no means an expert at the Master levels but I have run a few of them and know that even if you believe the way I choose to do it is slower, I know that they will work.  If you have the courage and feel the need to flex your leadership muscle, please announce and run your own raid.

 Don't Upset the raid leader please. If you think you can do better, which you probably can, then run your own damn raid.

the raid leaders word is final if you don't like it then don't come these are the rules and these rules must be followed if the raid leader/leaders are upset by some expect to be booted from the BG you will get 1 warning any further infringement will result in removal with out warning.

It is the grp leaders responsibility to form proactive groups that have needed class's, ie healer tank ect

ps if mid/hibs RR on this day then you are free to go rvr but the rush will continue






solo link dead
each member of the bg is allowed 1 LD the bg will stop in a safe place for 2 to 3 mins.
mass link dead
the bg will hold till all LD are back (max time 10mins)


if the bg is large Be warned we will not wait for peeps that constantly lag and LD due to FPS

Server LAG
Sometime the server and lines to the server become congested and this can cause lag to every one playing if this happens then the bg will attempt to complete the raid, however the lag causes latency over 4 sec's the raid will be abandoned

/bg grantcredit
After each step the bg will pause for credit at this point any needing credit will pm midnight (once only) any bg member not stuck to there grp leader and grp leader not stuck to either myself or midnight will be bg removed with out warning (this is due to bg members running off and the bg leaders not being able to grant credit due to not being in range), please remember /bg grantcredit only works for 50% of the amount of the people that got credit ie:- if there 100 members in the bg and only 50 member get credit the bg leader can only grant credit to another 25 members meaning the 25 people would still be missing credit where possible the bg leader will get the bg to redo the step straight away, if this is not possible due to time restriction the step will be redone at a later time. this does not mean if you miss credit due to being afk or not being with the bg that it will be redone.

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