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Rank number title comments
rank 0 Overseer of grace and dignity the people who run the guild
rank 1 Judges of dignity the people who help run the guild
rank 2 the dignified the officers who look after the guild members
rank 3 battle master's to achieve this rank you must be ml10 and above rr5
rank 4 the graceful this is the rank when your character is level 50 and above ml5 and above rr3
rank 5 the defenders of grace this is the rank when your character is level 50 and ml5 and above rr2
rank 6 the defenders of dignity this is the rank for when your character is level 50
rank 7 the seekers of dignity the highest rank for a non level 50 character (some exceptional players may be able to achieve more than this before 50 but very few will)
rank 8 the seekers of grace the rank that you must start to prove yourself in the quest for grace and dignity
rank 9 the forgiven this is the probation rank that all will start as for a 2 week period

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